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This might be a stupid question but how many grams of carbs are we allowed to have on a daily basis?

Have D2 and don't monitor my sugar levels .

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It is a valid question. It can be anywhere between 25 gm and 100 gm depending on individual's requirements and goal. First of all, have you been confirmed by Doctor that you have type 2 diabetes. What are your blood sugar numbers- fasting, after meal and HbA1c? Are you overweight? Do you take any medications?



Hello P55!

Yes, I have been diagnosed with D2 by my previous gp (just got a new one). My BS numbers are 7.4. I don't monitor them. I just follow the results I get with my hbA1c. Somehow, I couldn't be bothered, which is a real bad thing,

I know. I am slightly overweight and am taking 1500mg of Metformin a day.

The reason why I am asking this question is bc I tend to eat a lot and to ignore the info on the cans and packaging of the food I buy. For instance, my previous gp always said that beans and lentils were highly recommended for diabetics but I found out today that my can of lentils (569 g) contains 9% of carbs for 250g. Unfortunately, 250g isn't enough to sustain me. Therefore, I ate the whole can. I have a hard time reducing my food intake. In fact, it's almost impossible.


Unfortunately, most of the Doctors are still advising carb-rich food which is responsible for insulin resistance and high BS in the first place. You have to replace carb with healthy fat following LCHF diet, then your hunger will go. Your blood sugar numbers will also drop.

Any number which is above the normal value is not good.

Are you vegetarian?

Sorry, when you say your blood sugar number is 7.4, it does not convey your true diabetes condition. You have to mention which number is this- Fasting, Random or HbA1c?

For example in UK units, normal fasting number is below 5.8, normal random number is below 11.1 and normal HbA1c is below 42 ( 6% in percentage unit ).


Sorry for responding so late to ur post. The numbers 7.4 are those I was given following my last

hbA1c tests. They are my fasting numbers. The next hbA1c is coming up on November 07 and I can't help feeling nervous about it.

Also, I thought I had found the perfect dessert recipe: apple puree. That was before my gp told me that eating the equivalent of 10 apples in one sitting wasn't a good idea.

So, my problem is the same as with my lentils/beans: a dessert consisting of 5 apples isn't enough.

I really need 10. Maybe I have an eating disorder and need to address it bc my appetite is ferocious. How can I control my appetite? Other than by sheer willpower which I am seriously lacking? Thanks for reading me.


Has your doctor suggested how many carbs you can have for each meal and snack?


I have type 1. I eat 120grams of carbs a day which is enough for me, if you think about it 2 slices of bread are 30grms so thats a sandwich for lunch. Breakfast, ususally about 30grams that is quickly added up to 60grms. Take into account a piece of fruit apple, pear, orange per day could be 30grams and then dinner small amount of carbs, rice, jacket potato can be nearly 70grams, carb counting helps because this is what affects your blood sugar, I never do calorie count as my weight is spot on. There is a recommended book called Carbs, Calories recommended by Diabetes Uk, well worth £12 to £15 it's on Amazon, has carb values in picture format, but also shows you portion size pictures. This book really does help get your head around food intake. There is also a course for D2 called DAPHE which tuns all over the country, ask your diabetes nurse or GP to do it. It will explain everything in an easy understandable format.

Hope this helps


As i type 1 you should take @20-30 carbs per day and that too complex ones and not bread etc.Complex and refined carbs though same amounts have different effects. Lowering intake of carbs as t1 you would be able to lower your insulin and delay / avoid complications and theoretical there is risk of developing IR with insulin and high refined / complex carbs.


High protein and high healthy fats will naturally suppress your hunger and would stop you glutting up the food which essentially would be high carbs.


I have had type1 for 40 years and I only take a tiny amount of insulin a day, basically 12 units for 120 grams of carbs. Although there are differences in types of carbs it makes no difference to insulin amounts. I thought I was advising you. If I only ate 20-30grams a day I would not be able to function most health proffessionals will advise 100-150 per day for type 1 even more if you exercise. Tney recommend low card intake for type2 as it is often lifestyle that prevents the pancreas to slow down. In a type1 the pancreas stops producing insulin all together. I was merely pointing out that only eating 20-30 grams a day equates to 2 slices of bread per day. Not much energy intake in one sandwich.


Please post your A1C for last six to nine months - - First you need to be more serious - if you want to improve health and avoid any complications

Follow LCHF - check "Diabetes India" forum here -- Try NOT to eat more that 120 grams NET carbs per day- 50 grams per meal


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