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High Numbers

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I visited my gp this morning. He doesn't agree that 7.4 is too high a number. He told me that my goal of 6.5 was pretty much a useless idea, as there aren't more risks of complications by lowering the numbers. I don't agree with him. Then he told me that I should drink chicken & beef broth, which have hardly any carbs. Added that I should drink a lot of broth to trick my body into thinking that I am full. When I mentioned the issue of sodium, he brushed me off.

Anyone has any opinion??.. Thanks.

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Change your GP if you find his advise not as per medical facts

What he told you does not fit with the research!

Unfortunately GPs struggle to keep up with all the new research and advice - after all they do a full time job and there is a lot of advice covering all all the conditions they see. This means that patients may know more than the GP about their disease/illlness.

I went lowcarb to get my blood sugar down when I was diagnosed as I didn't want to add any more drugs to the ones I already take for other conditions.

My 3 mnth NHbA1C was 38.

I've only had one test over 7.7 since starting lowcarb, and that was a random test done just after eating while demoing my meter to a friend. Some of my fasting tests are 4.2 to 4.3 now.

Not sure why they thought a chicken and beef broth was a good idea, unless you are low on minerals? And shop-bought broth is nearly always too high in salt.

If you are feeling hungry have a look at the Diabetes UK's lowcarbprogram for ideas.

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Thanks for your replies. It's high time I find another doctor. This one has been wrong too many times.

Definately a time change doctor. All dcoctors are Brainwashed by BIG Pharma companies. ADA adn AMA have raised the A1C - to 7.0 or 7;5 ( i forgot ) most recently. That way they will have more patients to take more drugs and more on dialysis.

Please try to keep under 6.5 or under 6.0 without medicine .. Even up to 7.0 is okay if you

are over 65 years of age.

Only way to avoid Complications is to MONITOR ...MONITOR .. and MONITOR ...

keep after meal BS under 180 --- so need to check every day ..unless you are keeping good records of carb counts - keep carbs intake under 100 grams per day.

Joing Diabetes India and check LCHF diet and my posts on monitoring.


Could you please confirm the following:

1. Are you on diabetes medications?

2. The number 7.4 that you are mentioning- is it HbA1c - 7.4%, Fasting blood glucose or random blood glucose - 7.4 mmol/l ?

3. Are you based in the UK? There are different units in use for blood sugar depending where you are living.

Link below gives the various blood sugar level ranges:


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