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It's Sunday Evening: DEXCOM


Good Evening everyone. How's it going?

The sensor that I had put in on Monday finally stopped working since 3 pm today (I waited the 3 hours before calling DEXCOM for the free sensor to be sent out). I replaced the old sensor with a new one at 6 pm and did the calibrations at 8 pm. For no good reason, when I did the two calibrations to get the new sensor started, the numbers were extremely high (over 400 mg/dl). Not too sure what caused that to happen, but I plan to see what the next blood sugar will be around 9:30 pm tonight when I do my bedtime snack and shot. There's some time before that has to be done.

During the week, the old sensor was working fairly well. It was very close to what the Breeze2 monitor had been saying my numbers were-- except for a few times here and there.

I was a little stressed out during the week, but I doubt that can cause the sensor to just stop working out of nowhere. Very strange.

My appointment with the eye doctor went well recently and I had gotten two new pairs of glasses for myself. My prescription has changed slightly, so that's nice. No complaints with that at all.

Well, this is all for tonight. Talk to you all very soon. Have a great day/evening/night, too! :-)

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