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I’m a type 2 diabetic. It was stressed to me that I should see the NHS podiatrist regularly because I also suffer from arthritic and cardiac issues. I was advised always to allow them to cut my toenails. In March, I had an appointment, but due to cardiac issues, I was unable to attend, so I phoned to postpone the appointment. This must not have been relayed as a week later I received a letter from Virgincare refusing me further treatment due to not attending. I disputed this and was given a new appointment. On attendance, I was treated very curtly and discharged from the service and advised to seek a private podiatrist and I would have to pay for the treatment. Is this correct? Are Virgincare taking over and privatizing our NHS?

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That is awful - and should not be the case - have you spoken to your GP/written to your GP or the specialist who referred to. Would suggest that you also contact the local PALS group and alert them to what has happened.

Hi Blackshadow, i am sorry you have been through this trauma, but it is not just you that is being affected by this. I now have a private podiatrist as the nhs only offers an appointment every 3 months which is no good for someone with diabetes. It costs me £27.00 a month but the podiatrist comes to me at home, and it is money well spent for me. I dont think it is solely because of the likes of Virgin having contracts but it is generally all the cuts that are being enforced. It is the same with blood tests in our surgery, it used to be 7 minutes per blood test per patient, but i am very difficult and there was only one nurse that could get the blood. I have other health issues which mean i am more or less house bound now and so the district nurse comes and gets blood from me, she is real old school and a gem, AND she gets blood from me, which is no mean feat. I hope you get something sorted with your feet, as it is so important for diabetics to keep on top of them.

I use the same private podiatrist as I did before I was diagnosed with Type 2 but I'm on three monthly (quarterly) appointments which seems to work fine - at least for me. Have you had advice on caring for your feet between podiatrist visits? I moisturise mine with E45 cream every day?

Yes i do have my feet and legs moisturised every day by the nurse who comes in, i have other serious health problems to deal with as well not as a result of the diabetes but as a result of eye cancer, which has now returned and contracting mrsa which has severely impacted on my health in many other ways. My diabetes was incorrectly diagnosed as type 2 when it was actually type 1 late onset. My reply was in response to the question about people finding difficulty getting nhs appointments and not about what the correct space between appointments is for treatments. I am glad that you are able to manage on 3 monthly appointments, but dont for one moment think that one size fits all as it quite clearly does not.

Sorry to hear about all your other problems. You're right. One size does not fit all.

I would use a private visiting podiatrist. They don't charge too much. It certainly would be worth it and it stops you from having to suffer the curtness dished out by some of these so-called medical professionals.

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