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Due to diabetes i found myself not performing well sexually and i was advised to take viagra but it did not work what should i do? i am disturbed.

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Please check out the Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation's website. Go to: drwf.org.uk/diabetes-leaflets

You can either read and download the information or listen to the topics. Hope this helps.

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Are you taking meds for the diabetes?. Quite often these are the problem. If you can manage this without drugs, with a good healthy diet you will appreciate the benefits.


Yes i take Diabetmin (Metformin). which was prescribed for me by my Doctor. Please tell me if that is the best meds for treating diabetes. and if you say diet, what specific diet should I take?


First of all let me say, I am no expert, but I have read widely on the subject. I am by nature sceptical of the role of Big Pharma in medicine. Since all meds are chemicals and hence toxic, particularly when taken over long periods, my natural answer to your question would be that the best meds for treating diabetes are no meds at all. It is important to understand that meds for diabetes do not offer a cure to the problem, merely a means of controlling the problem. Once started you are likely to need them for the rest of your life. It is far better to cure yourself by addressing the problem at source - basically too much sugar in your diet. Where the dilemma arises is the fact that the NICE dietary guidelines are basically unchanged over the last 20 years, despite the explosion of diabetes which is rapidly getting out of control. The NHS gold standard DESMOND educational courses promote a carb rich diet which is fundamentally loaded with short term sugar boosts. Based on a flawed piece of dated Pharmaceutical Industry research, fats are deemed bad for you as they promote cholesterol. Cholesterol is bad for you because the Big Pharmas say so and they want to sell you statins, the devils Smarties, which have some horrendous side-effects. How often have you been told you need to eat low fat food. WRONG!. Low fat is not low sugar, it is likely to be high in sugar, as the fat taken out removes the taste and sugar has to be added back to compensate. Lesson 1 - Avoid processed foods.

Faced with a diagnosis of early onset Type 2 diabetes, I was offered Metformin by my GP as the first option. I refused and decided to change my diet and try to control things myself without drugs. My wife is extensively read and has been on the Paleo or caveman diet for over 2 years and has her blood sugar under good control. I've followed her advice and not looked back and at my last test was no longer considered diabetic. I do minimal exercise as I have Stage 4 Severe COPD. and take a lot of steroid drugs to control this condition which also cause diabetes (but are essential for my well being) and yet I have not only reduced and brought under control my blood sugar, but also lost 3 stones in weight whilst eating lots of incredibly tasty but previously "banned" foods which were considered dangerous under previous thinking. No more tasteless skimmed milk, low fat processed foods or frozen ready meals. I eat organic where it is practical and I eat the foods that our cavemen ancestors ate, and very few of them died of diabetes. I eat red meat, chicken, fish, eggs, dairy, seeds, nuts, lots of green veg, but only limited amounts of root vegetables and fruit, which is heavy in sugar. Wherever possible I avoid the big carbs, bread, potatoes, rice, pasta etc. By reintroducing fats into my diet I regularly feel full and stay full for much longer and don't snack like I used to- a few nuts if necessary. The carbs offer a short term sugar rush which gives a rapid spike in sugar levels but leave you hungry shortly afterwards. It takes a huge leap of faith to make this transition as it goes against a lot of conventional medical thinking, but more and more studies are now indicating this is the way to go.

If you wish to do some background reading I can recommend the following:-

Pure, White & Deadly by John Yudkin

The Calorie Myth by Jonathon Bailor and

The Great Cholesterol Con by Malcolm Kendrick.

Good Luck


I just don't no what to say but to thank you warwickstag, you advice is very rich and i appreciate it. Hoping to start working on my diet from now. I will be looking for the books that you recommend and i will looking forward for more advice. having say that may i know if i can take a glass of branded tomato as part of my diet. I will like to know if i should concentrate on diet and stop the meds.


Please talk with your doctor, first before you start a new diet.


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