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Feeling fed up


Hi all, my first post on here.

I’ve just left my doctors and my diabetic nurse has told me my latest HbA1c result is 66. It was 58 six months ago.

She has said it is borderline but not classed as high and they won’t alter my medication at this time but will check again in six months time.

I, however, feel this is high. Does anyone on here have any knowledge or advice to share please.

I’ve been T2 for 5 years and am on Metformin (500mg twice a day)

Many thanks in advance

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Hello Gaspode1,

Welcome to the group.

HbA1c of 66 mmol/mol is high in my opinion. Normal HbA1c should be below 42. Between 42 and 48 is classified as pre-diabetic. 48 and above are diabetics.

Risks of complications are high with your number. It is good that you want to take steps to bring your HbA1c to normal range. It should be possible to make significant improvement with dietary changes coupled with some physical activities.

Do you know your fasting and post-meal blood glucose numbers? Let us know your weight, height and age.

1. Learn about diabetes as much as practical.

2. Start self-monitoring your blood glucose- fasting and post-meal. This is very important, at least in the beginning. You will know which foods spike your blood glucose.

3. Review your diet. Reduce/eliminate non-essential carbohydrate intake as much as practical and replace the energy deficit by healthy fat. Learn about LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) diet.

4. Do some physical activity suitable for your health. Walking 3 - 4 miles a day is quite helpful.

5. Remember - Carbohydrate impacts blood glucose maximum followed by protein and there is very little increase in blood glucose due to fat. Therefore, it makes sense to follow a diet which is low in carb., moderate in protein and rest healthy fat. You can make significant improvement in a very short time if you follow the above.

Please let me know if you have any further question.

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Hi Praveen55,

Thanks for your replay.

In answer to your questions/queries I am 57 years of age, 5'10" and weigh 75kg.

I do not have a meter as I am told that due to being on Metformin I do not need to test. I have been diabetic for 5 years and have been doing quite well up to this point. I was disappointed to be told my HbA1c was so high as I have recently taken up running 3-4 times a week and usually run at least 5k. On my "rest days" I usually walk so am reasonably active. Because I have started to exercise more than ever before I thought my blood glucose levels would actually have dropped not increased and this was more the reason for my question. I felt 66 was high but my nurse says otherwise!

I am careful what I eat but I have not really considered the LCHF diet thus far but maybe it is now time to start.

I am just trying to work out why exercise has not helped and seems, if anything, to have made matters worse.

Thank you again for your help - it is much appreciated.

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Your weight is in healthy range. I fully agree with you that HbA1c of 66 is high.

Exercise is good for blood glucose control but it cannot compensate for unsuitable diets for diabetics. Single most effective way to reduce blood glucose ( post-meal) is to reduce carbohydrate intake. We as diabetics cannot process carbohydrate as efficiently as non-diabetics. NHS guidelines to consume 60% carb is totally unsuitable for diabetics.

Blood glucose monitoring is helpful for diabetics whether one is on medication or not. It helps understand the blood glucose response to diet and exercise. Strenuous Exercise is known to increase blood glucose for some people.

Wish you all the best.

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Thanks again :)

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Have you tried a low carb high protein diet? Do you count carbs.? Has your doctor talked to you about counting carbs. for each meal and snack?

My diabetic nurse has not talked to me about counting carbs but I will research this now as I feel maybe that is my next step as the alterations I originally made to my diet worked well but now my blood glucose levels seem to be out of control if I have a HbA1c of 66. Thanks for your help.


Hi Gaspode1,

How long were you with your doctor before leaving them recently?

Hi Activity2004,

I may have worded my original question wrong as I simply meant I had just got home from my doctor's appointment not that I had actually left my doctor. Sorry for the confusion :)

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It’s okay!😀👍 Some doctors I’ve had didn’t know how to help me. Thank you for the explanation! Did you see my message on the messages section?

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