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How bad is it for a type 2 diabetic to miss Metformin for 3 weeks?


I'm new here. I'm asking this question because my boyfriend has been unable to get his medication (due to an insurance problem) and his family doesn't seem too concerned. I want to help, since I think it may be unhealthy to miss medication to treat diabetes, but I don't know much about it. What can he do to be healthy if he can't get the medicine soon? When his problem with the insurance is fixed, should he just go back to his usual dose, or will he need more treatment to get back to where he was before he stopped taking it?

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Has your boyfriend been talking to his doctor about the insurance issue? He may have to change his medication for the insurance company to cover the cost. Where does he live?


Nothing to worry. Go for ketogenic diet.Carnivorous if possible. Perhaps your boyfriend will reverse his D and would never need meds for lifetime. Consider this an opportunity to control D completely. Add exercise and yoga etc to his daily routine.

Gud luk.

Hello , I don't think Metformin makes much difference to lowering blood sugar.It can have very bad side effects.I took Metformin for about 2 months.I developed a severe back pain on my right side like a kidney pain .Soon as i stopped taking it the pain went .But that was not the end of it.The right hand side of my right leg went semi paralyzed.I could not use my right leg to even climb the slightest step even with a walking stick .Then my leg started to collapse without warning.Your boy friend is better off not taking it.He could go on a ketogenic diet to cure his diabetes or do what i did and went on an alternate 24 hour fasting diet I went on this diet because i developed very painful none healing ulcers on my lower legs .I was 14 st.10 lbs at the start of the diet my blood sugar readings were between 10.8 mm/l and 16+mm/l. 4 months later my weight dropped down to 11st 5lbs my fasting blood sugar fasting readings dropped to between 3.8 mm/l and 5.8 mm/l.I have been totally free from diabetes for well over a year now.My many complications a list as long as your arm have all cleared up.I can eat what i like without any adverse effects i feel like a new man.I took the advice of Dr. Jason Fung He is on Utube.Tell your boy friend to try it out .It may work for him.It certainly worked for me and lot of other people.One of the last thing you want is diabetes.A terrible disease.It can adversely damage every part of your body.My right leg did regain full strength but it took about 18 months clear up completely.

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