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night time issues

Over the last few months now I've been experiencing on going night time symptoms where I'll wake up anywhere from 130am - 5am with this slight feeling that I needed to pee. Recently though it's become a slight bloated feeling as well. The times I have been to pee during these early mornings I can void a fairly large amount and the colour is usually PALE YELLOW, ALMOST WHITE. This is usually a sign of good hydration but it seems like extra urine production. Sometimes though I won't go at all until the morning around 8am before work and other nights I have managed a decent sleep of around 6-7 hours.

So this isn't happening every night but when it does happen, certainly the last few weeks on and off, I'll wake up around 4am and I'll be wide awake, have a slightly strange dryish mouth but barely noticeable, end up having breakfast with a large cup of tea and then eventually I'll end up voiding around 400ml and then 2 hours later, at 6am, I'll void another 700ml despite NOT having drunk anything in between. This is quite unusual as there appears to be extra urine production. As I said though it's not happening every night just to confuse things. I have heard of the dawn phenomenon and worried I could be having a version of this somehow, as it would explain the early morning waking. Then again, no nausea, I don't feel thirsty, never feel tired, or have any pain etc.

This strange urination pattern has occasionally happening during the day time too over the last few months, where I'll pee large amounts twice in a few hours and then not go again for quite a while and have normal urination patterns/frequency. I monitored my BS levels a few times during the day and evening a while back and once during these episodes and they were all within normal non-diabetic range, around 5.4, 5.7, 5.9 6.1 two hours PP. From this and from my previous threads and from the feedback I got, I was quite certain I don't have diabetes to worry about, however these night time issues are still bothering me a bit. I've been in a new job since the start of the year and have hardly any symptoms during my work day and only once had a day where I had frequent urination.

Also I had my prostate/PSA test and that's all normal, urine culture/test came back normal too.

So I'm not sure what this could be. Doctor suspects it could be over active bladder but then I think that would be frequent urination with small amounts.

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Hi winglets,

Have you had anything that has caffeine before going to bed? Some people, if they drink anything with caffeine in it, that may have an effect on how well a person sleeps at night and if they have to use the restroom.

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