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Hello. I’ve just joined and struggling to find my way around so bear with me please.

I have type 2 . No thyroid function and fibromyalgia. I believe these are all related and if I could get the thyroid mainly sorted I’d feel

Much better but that is work in progress still.

I was diagnosed 3 years ago with hba1c of 122. I got it down to 38 in 1year. Last year I caught a general virus thingy and since then move struggled to get my levels back. My hba1c is currently 48. I’d like it lower.

I currently wake with 9, 9,10 which I can’t get lower. My nurse told me to stop testing as she thinks it’s strssing me.

What are your thoughts??


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Hello Lin26 and welcome to this group. One of the difficulties we face is when it feels like you have hit a brick wall and can not progress any further. The difficulty has been catching a virus which plays havoc with your immune system. When we become ill, our system accountability goes "haywire" and our readings go all over the place.

Have you talked with your health team at the surgery or hospital about the change in morning readings. There might be a change necessary in your healthy eating programme which may require nutritional analysis. This could be a further area to explore with your professional health team. Your nurse may feel you are "obsessing your self" to higher stress levels in trying to settle your HbA1c reading to where it was the previous time. You have been able to keep it to a reasonable reading.

You might want to review with your health professional your lifestyle eating, exercise and system maintenance to see where you might make positive changes. It is a good time to discuss the other areas; thyroid and fibromyalgia as a full package (they may even know a healthcare professional who specialises in working on those areas). Please don't be hard on yourself, do your best and when you get a reasonable response, you will feel like you have "smashed that wall" that it seems like you've hit and improve your situation.

Many of us get certain set-backs that disturb our quality of life, however, with new found knowledge, we are able to move on improving our focus on staying healthy and controlling our diabetes. I hope that was helpful to you. Best wishes in getting appropriate assistance and let us know how well you get on.

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Hi Lin

I got my levels to 5 average before I was 7.5 .

Healthy eating , a lot of exercise, mine is cycling.

Once you start to lose weight your pancreas starts to improve with insulin control.

Best of luck


Good luck Lin26. Keep moving around & exercise is good or health.


Hi Lin26. I have a friend of mine who was T2 & has fibromyalgia. He walks the legs off his poor dog, stopped his drinking & eat sensible. Now off all his T2 meds. Good luck .


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