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Just Diagnosed

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If was told yesterday I had D2 and probably have been since 2015!!! I don't know where to start on food situation. I have high blood pressure and take drugs for it, also have slipped discs so take pregabalin and tramadol daily too. Exercise for me is hard because of the pain too. Where do I start regarding the diet. Not sure what I can and can't eat. Any help and advice please?

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Hi Janetsh have a look at the following


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Janetsh in reply to clivealive

Thank you, will do.

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suramoStar in reply to clivealive


Sorry bro. I found this link misleading. I didn't find any date on the article but must be old.

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clivealive in reply to suramo

This info is at the bottom of the webpage

"© Diabetes UK 2017 A charity registered in England and Wales (no. 215199) and in Scotland (no. SC039136)"

So I would presume it is current and accurate.

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suramoStar in reply to clivealive


I read that but may beit's the registration year i thought.

But they are recommending to eat wholegrain bread and jam !!.

"I've just been diagnosed with Type 2 ­– what can I eat?

In one word... anything. Or how about another? Everything. It may come as a surprise, but all kinds of food are OK for people with Type 2 diabetes to eat."


a bowl of cereal with semi-skimmed milk

2 slices of wholegrain toast with spread and/or jam

a fat-free yogurt and fruit.

More ideas for a healthy breakfast


a chicken or ham salad sandwich...

a small pasta salad...

soup and a roll...

...with a piece of fruit and a diet or fat-free yogurt

Tips for healthy lunchtime swaps


lasagne and salad

roast chicken with potatoes and vegetables

beef stir-fry, vegetables and rice

chicken tortillas and salad

salmon and noodles

curry and rice"

I don't agree to eating bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, jam and skimmed milk. Skimmed milk is more sugar. Good fats are not harmful at all. You just can't eat anything and everything.

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Janetsh in reply to clivealive

Reading it looks very much like Slimming World diet. Balanced diet with emphasis on certain fruit and veg.

Many people have found that a low carb diet not only reduces blood sugar but is very effective in weight loss. Some people have even managed to reverse T2.

What meds did the Doc give you? Have you got a support team in place?

Try not to worry too much. I know this easier said than done but you are in a good place now that you have a diagnosis. Just make sensible choices and listen carefully to all the advice given. Ask lots of questions too. Remember, this is your body and your disease. You are ultimately in control and you need to be informed so that you can look after it correctly. Become your own expert.

Please stay in touch here and ask questions. Post often and let us all know how you are doing please. :)

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Marky54 in reply to Twitch_1

Hi Janetsh

I agree with Twitch I have been T2 9 years and I was told last year I was on the top oral medication. So after much research I decided on the LCHF diet Jan 1st my blood was never below 7.2 now after 3 weeks my readings are coming below 7 and I have stopped daily 260mg of medication Gliclazide.

A starting point would be dietdoctor.com and watch Dr Jason Jung.

Good look I am over the moon because my next step was to start injecting insulin


I've been given Metformin. Not really been told much apart from that when I go back in three months I could ask them to sort out a couple of half day courses about food. Have spent several hours reading online but to be honest my head is spinning as there is a lot of contradictory advice. I might make an appointment to go back so they can explain it to me. I very rarely feel hungry so I don't tend to eat much of anything but still managed to gain over 7 stone in the last few years. I get fed up when even my own family think I'm secretly eating when they go out! Will be struggle enough to make myself eat breakfast tomorrow so I can take the Metformin. I dare say I shall be bugging the life out of everyone on this site with my questions. I detest tea without sugar so are there any kind of sweeteners that are ok only I was told to avoid the fake ones?

Try Stevia for your tea. It is sweeter than sugar so you won't want to use as much. It's made from a plant so it is natural and is available in most stores now.

Eating low carb will certainly get the weight down for you and will make you feel more energetic. Try and do as much exercise as you can even if it is walking. You will be surprised at the results over time. :)

Dear Janetsh

I have had type two for under a year and i am still getting my head round it

It can be an upsetting and unsettling time when you are trying to adjust to a diagnosis of type 2.

I would suggest you look at Dr David Cavan book Revers your Diabetes page 169 to 170 explains structured blood tests ,diet doctor web sight which advises a low carb high fat diet and get a blood monitor to work out how you are affected by foods


James 2

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Follow lchf diet.

Once your bs is under control, your blood pressure also would come down.

Now a days there are several options for the treatment of slipped disc. You can undergo closed discectomy procedure. It's non surgical non invasive procedure. Go for it rather than taking heavy medicines.

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Janetsh in reply to suramo

Have been told they will not operate now unless I lose any more feeling or become incontinent as I have had disc problems for over 10 years now. I go to have Facial Reflexology which has enabled me to reduce the Tramadol and Pregabalin and still manage the pain. I do walk as I have 2 dogs but that is about all I can manage in regards to exercise. I have high blood pressure and take medicine for that too so don't really want to have too much fat in my diet either. Think I need to do a fair bit of research and make notes for myself so I know what to eat and what to avoid.

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" I have high blood pressure and take medicine for that too so don't really want to have too much fat in my diet either". 😊😊.

You seem to have wrong perception about fats. Good fats are really good. Fats would help you reduce your blood pressure and control D.

Get your condition reviewed for SD. It's Better to get rid of an ailment esp when the treatment is very effective and with minimal operative risk. Expectant treatment for SD is not okay. Why do you want to suffer when easy cure is available. The condition worsens over years as you get old and your bones become more porous - osteoporosis. Sorry. I'm not scaring you.

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Janetsh in reply to suramo

NHS won't touch my spine for now so can't do anything about it. GP isn't that helpful either. I have to make a fuss for anything other than being given yet more meds!

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suramoStar in reply to Janetsh


Where do you live ? Now a days there are many spine experts. They can give you better treatment.

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Janetsh in reply to suramo

Chelmsford, Essex, UK.

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suramoStar in reply to Janetsh


In uk there are many spine surgeons. Also many doctors usually anesthesiologists practice "pain " free life. Find someone.

Basically disc is a cushion between two vertebrae. It's a fibrous structrue. But within it has a spongy element called nucleaus pulposus. When a rotational force act on this disc it tears off and the nucleus pulposos protrudes out pressing the nerve roots. That causes pain and other SD related problems. The orthos or pain specialists use IITV and locate the lesion. Give injection into the lesion and that nucleus pulposus is removed. No harm and permanent treatment. Try if you can.

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