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Solutions to my diabetes

I'm a 34 year old lady living with diabetes since 2013. I have been managing it since then. Now I want to get married and want to have a child. How and what can I do?

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You should speak to your diabetic team about getting pregnant in the future. Diabetic women can and do have children.


Agree talk to the team and your GP. With support and working together lots of diabetics have healthy pregnancies and children. Just be aware and follow advice as with anyone with a long term condition

Good luck

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First speak to your diabetic team as mentioned. You did not mention if you are Type 1 or Type 2 both have great out comes it is a balance though of great diet and medication if you are currently on such. I was Type 2 through my having children I'm very hypo which made it difficult at times, Still am, though over the course of the many years has developed to Type 1 with many hypo's. Can not shake those. Best wish on your journey this forum is very supportive join any of the groups you find interesting.


you might find that looking through the information on this site helps you understand more about the implications and the possibilities

as others have said - women with diabetes do have babies so it shouldn't be an issue just that the implications of your condition need to be taken into account.

my mother suffered from gestational diabetes when she was pregnant and that didn't cause any major problems.


I know of several Diabetic Mothers who have children. I don't think that is a deterrent for your marriage. Only in some acute cases it may be a problem. With good balanced diet (more protein & fruits / less carbs & sugars) you can keep it under control follow it up with minimum 200 minutes of walk every week. All the best for you !!


Hello toniatony49

Do not worry....there are many cases that even non diabetic girls become diabetic during pregnancy due to gestational diabetes.

Further with good diet you can always manage your sugar level to non diabetic level.

However you need to chalk out proper strategy to control your sugar level thru diet. And for that you need to know your fasting insulin level and insulin resistance.

There are few experienced members in forum like Hidden Concerned @suramo Shashikantiyengar

All of them are in non diabetic numbers without/or with minimum medicines.

they will be able to guide you further to chalk out strategy to control sugar level to non diabetic with diet control.

Unless it is T1 carbs reduction is the key.


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