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NICE and Active B12

Quite a detailed document which includes estimating cost of an Abbott ARCHITECT Active-B12 assay at £3.50. Somewhat less, it seems, than some other Active B12 tests.

Far more there than I know what to do with. Thought someone else here might find it interesting.

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Interesting that it says if the first test falls into ' grey' it reccomends mma as a second  test should be carried out.


A recent paper called Active B12 into question! (Sad, isn't it, that as soon as there appears to be a better test, that happens?) But that seemed to say (from memory) that MMA is possibly the best single test.


Interesting document helvella.

From a patient point of view I noticed that it does at some point, I forget which page, note that disability is a protected characteristic under Equality Act legislation. I wonder if a case could be made both for more accurate testing and adequate treatment on this basis, given that the testing is acknowledged by all to be inadequate and to give very unpredictable results. As I type I can see a post saying Active B12 test may not be too great after all. In which case, should we be allowed to progress into disability or be treated promptly and according to need? Well, it is something to think about. Disability is very expensive to the individual and to the state, preventing it should be paramount, and as we know the cost of treating us is not huge at all.


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