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Leah's DEXCOM CGM Report- Week 1

So far, this is the first week I've used my DEXCOM CGM. On the first day, I went out to eat lunch at Boston Market. It took time for the system to warm up since it was the first time using it.

On the second day, Sunday, I drank a BOOST at 12 noon and then went to a barbque. At the barbque, my blood sugars went up and above 300. I've never knew it could do that before with just drinking a BOOST to hold a person over until I looked at my DEXCOM CGM.

I did an experiment while I was at my job the next day and had another BOOST. After drinking the BOOST, again the numbers went past the 300 mark and I have come to the conclusion that I can't keep drinking the BOOST since it raises the numbers way too high and fast! I've decided to try and eat Atkins' bars. They have less carbs. and they don't make a person hungry after 10 minutes of eating it.

More news on this new and exciting adventure!

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Presumably a Boost by the nature of its name is an energy drink, containing links of carbohydrates - I've never come across them myself here in the UK.

If so, I'm not surprised your BG went over 300mg/dl. Is there a low-suger/light/diet version of the same drink?

I'm not a fan of drinking my carbs or calories, I'd much rather eat them along with fat/fibre to lower the GI.


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