DEXCOM CGM Update Week 3

So, I'm ending my third week so far using the DEXCOM CGM. Tomorrow, I need to insert the new sensor after breakfast.

This week has been a little interesting if you ask me. I ate what I normally eat for breakfast a few days ago and the numbers were in the 100s for most the day. A few days later, I again eat the same breakfast and the numbers go upward near the 300s. Not that sure what is going on exactly, but today was doing somewhat better.

I ate some corn and green beans for a side dish a few nights ago at the food court in the closest mall from my house and when I got home, a few hours later, my number on the DEXCOM said that I was in the low 100s, so I drank a Gatorade. That helped somewhat, but it didn't raise the numbers that high.

Well, I better stop here for now and get ready for dinner soon. Hope to hear from you all soon. Enjoy the weekend ahead.

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  • The blessing of the Dexcom is it gives us this information, I document what I was doing as activities or stress even excitement that could effect my numbers. As diabetic's we know thing are touchy The Dexcom is such a wonderful tool . I have such peace just being able to look at it when out and about and check my status. I was in garden and feeling weak sure I was dropping fast I had the downward arrow showing, time for a snack.

    Good luck look forward to week #4.

  • Thank you for that! When week 4 does end, I'm going to post something. Each week seems to be different every time. I just put the new sensor in this morning and I need to give it time to do what it's suppose to before I can get another updated reading. Every Saturday morning, I have to put a new sensor and wait for about 2 hours. Does it take that long for you? What are the numbers that your DEXCOM shows when your on the way to getting lower? Mine are in the upper to mid-100s.

  • I wait the 2 hours I think that's how the Dexcom programs. I normally put it in after a meal so I do not crash. An example of my numbers on the Dexcom when I'm getting lower I could be starting a meal around 150 and next thing the meters alarm is going off and I'm at 80. I really do have to watch my arrows. In that we are a like. Do you drop to the 55's I can hit that when I have crashed to 80. Time for the OJ and energy bars or glucose tabs.

  • I haven't gotten to the 55 mark on the DEXCOM. Been very lucky on that front. Lowest I've been so far since starting to use the monitor was 80.

  • Club? Not sure what you mean. Sorry. Can you please explain?? Thank you in advance. I really appreciate it.

  • Activity it is with the gift of the Decom I do not drop much have seen some 45's since I do drop so fast with my insulin sentivity. Without could wake in the 30's had another doctor and more med's. Now less insulin and different times of day, I use my long acting at my noon meal. Club is not word unless it is a group in there area that meets to support Dexcom users. Keep up the fantastic work!

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