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Stroke mummies or daddies


Hi has any one. Who had suffered a stroke who can only use one arm as a result had any bad experiences using the bus or public transport! I was told I couldn't use the bus because my pram needed to be folded and carried on, I explained that I couldn't do this but no luck awful

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I can use my right arm and hand but it's sore.

Terrible about the bus 😮

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can l say if you can only use one arm have you thought of using a taxi but you can ask the driver on buses to help by not setting off before you sit down its there job if no luck cornplain to bus company ok

hope that helps


I did complain to the bus company but they were not bothered.

Apparently you can't get a taxi with an upright pram So Im basically stuck

well can you show the taxi drive how to take the pram down they do know how to do it once shown keep trying with bus company if no luck try citzen advice take to them don't just give up that's the easy way out you have to fight for what you want ok

need someone to talk to lm here ok don't give up

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sorry for spelling mistakes ok

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