Possible stroke?

Am having severe intracranial pressure with drowsiness, vertigo, attention and thinking difficulties. Could this be a stroke? Cerebral vein thrombosis, perhaps? Seeing the gp tomorrow. What questions should I put to her? How quickly can they diagnose this?

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  • It sounds as though an MRI or CT scan is needed. Your earlier post mentioned possible heart failure; has that been resolved? Have your meds been reviewed?

  • Trying to find out what condition all these symptoms could be indicating. Am going to ask for a scan tomorrow when seeing the gp. Lot of stress in my life. Maybe my amagdala is just inflamed. ? Not likely to be bleeding in my head caused by a stroke, could it be?

  • Hi,

    How did you get on? I hd cvst in 2014 ...very rare apparently so took a while to diagnose...but I had two seizures as part of my symptoms.

    Hope all is ok

  • Going to have a CT Scan in just over a week's time. Meanwhile I am trying to get plenty of rest and control the stress in my life which are both likely to be factors here... Thanks for your concern...

  • Hope you get some answers.....let us know how you get on. X

  • Things should be clearer after the CT scan. Will have to keep upbeat till then..

  • Keep well!! Maybe consider a therapeutic dose of daily aspirin in the meantime? Keep a diary of symptoms?? I was too ill to know I was ill in the first instance......but anyway there is hope ☺ ....even after cvst ive travelled a lot and adjusted my lifestyle accordingly

  • Taking 75mg dispersible aspirin for furring of arteries. Thanks for the optimistic outlook. Nice to know...

  • Any news for us ??

    Hope you are ok

  • Must have been a false alarm. Don't worry..

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