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I'm a 40 year old male in quite good health apart from a lot of misspent youth and to be honest I'm a heavy drinker.

I just thought I'd like to share my story.

About 4 months ago I was shopping and knelt down to pick something up fro the freezer. The best way I can explain it was like a massive rush of blood to the head. My whole body felt like it locked up and I just feel back. Totally paralysed and unable to speak. To cut a long story short the shop keeper asked if I was ok. It being unable to talk or move there wasn't mush I could do or say.

Luckily my mum was waiting in the car and something just told her there was something wrong as I was taking too long. She came in and immediately knew I had took what she calls it a turn. My sister who is a nurse then came along with my uncle. My sister who's partner took a massive stroke and sadly passed knew immediately what it was and begged me to get an ambulance.

Me being me me refused. This went on for well over an hour before 3 grown men could manage to get me into the car to get home.

All in I came round about an hour later.

Looking back I was very silly not going to the er.

I've since had an appointment at the tia/stroke clinic with an ecg and blood work done. I have an appointment for a ct scan in a few weeks and am now on blood thinners.

When your young you think your invisible and this sort of thing won't happen to me😀

The head doctor told me I was a lucky boy. I'm not sure what he meant but the locking up thing was to do with a sort of thing that can clot behind your neck?

I thought going down for the appointment they'd be skeptic but they where really nice and concerned. Basically saying it's uncommon at my age although it can happen at any age.

Just thought I'd share.

Best regards...


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It could be a cervical dissection. I've had a carotid dissection. It took quite a while until the neurologist found it.

In something of percentage of 25% for dissection under the age of 50.


Thanks so much for the replie. Just had a quick read up on that but I'll do another bit of digging. Would it show up on a CT scan?

I'm really glad I mentioned the locking up part to the doctor in the hospital. She imo became more attentive for want of a better word and actually called in the head of the department. I forgot to add the day after every muscle in my body was awfully sore I could barely walk. I mentioned this and they said that was to do with the body locking up.

I'm so glad I live in the U.K. I know health is not "technically" free as we pay through our taxes but I dread to think how all this would have panned out had I had no insurance living somewhere like the states.

How are you Now Spider if you don't mind me asking.

Thanks again for the reply....



Hi I've had CTA with the contrast agent. Apparently, it helps with the detail in the arteries and blood vessels. You have an injection in your arm. It takes about 20 minutes to have the scan.

I paid for the private scan, as I didn't have one in the NHS.

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Sorry for my little knowledge. Is the CTA with the contrast agent the dye they give you? That's apparently what my next appointment is for.


Don't worry, I probably know too much!

The dye is iodine.

Good luck.


No worries mate. Appreciate your replies. You never think these type of things are gonna happen to you.

Best of luck to you anyway.


You too.


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