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Stroke after pains

Hi back on here again asking for advice, its been 4mths since having Meningjitis pneumoccol,stroke and brain absess have been told infection from Meningjitis has cleared that now can deal with stroke more, what I can't understand is the pain I'm in now I am still getting terrible pins and needles in hands and I must have pain at some stage in the day and night in every joint in my body constant throbbing pain and aching to the point where the pain is waking me up it's that bad. been very positive through out all this yes I get my moments when have uncontrollable tears but I think we all get that at sometimes I think we need it. The other problem is day and night sweats can anybody tell me if they have had or are have the same problems please would really help to know I'm not the only one thanks a lot in adavnce


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Morning Dawn,

I had to look back to see of you had posted anything before which might help me give better advice ( though I am NOT medically trained of course - just a CVST sufferer - Oct 2014).

4 months is not ever so long after your stroke - but I do know that knowing this didn't help me at the time - but it was around that time that I had heard/read/researched Tramadol - and decided it was definitely contributing to my feeling unwell .... are you still taking this ? If so I would recommend asking for advice about weaning yourself off asap. It is addictive and gave me so many wobbly, unwell feelings - but it can be hard to come off of .....

I know the better I eat, the better I feel ( and NO artificial sweeteners) - and I think my night sweats were related partly to tramadol and partly my age :-)

I tried to exercise every day which also helped - are you able to walk or bike for 10 mins every day at least - and increase this bit by bit?

For me swapping the tramadol for amitriptyline worked a treat - but you would have to get medical advice of course.

Getting out with friends was also good idea - have you tried the Headway section on here too ?

Good luck



Hi Dawn So sorry to read that you are having so many after effects but you have had two of the most difficult medical challenges to deal with! You have done so well to get to where you are! I had experience of pain, spasms and nerve pain after my stroke and what helped me was Acupuncture. I found a lot of relief after 4 sessions, each session eased my condition so I was encouraged to keep going feeling the results.

I'm guessing you have talked to your GP and or if you have a Stroke Nurse?

I had no support from a Stroke Nurse but took my friends advice and it was so good to get the relief!

I have joint pain too that I suffer with but keep trying to move and get some exercise too and hope this will subside eventually?

I wish you well Dawn and know that you are not alone, sadly there are far too many of us out there suffering!



Thankyou to everyone for their replies my friends and family been great but all seem to think it's early days to me it seems like age., I used to love walking before became ill so as soon as was able was out again I'm always on the go unless pain totally stops me for a bit,we have a small dog so that helps me get out aswel. I've only recently been put on tramadol because of pain being so bad. I'm hoping in time won't need any Meds. I've been told by one of consultants that the MRI I had on the spine is showing up something to do with nerves right at the bottom he said having a meeting with couple other doctors to discuss what options I have and has given me appointment on 22nd this month to let me know the options he said drama age was due to the Meningjitis. I have seen stroke nurse recently said they couldn't really help until virus had gone they are now going to come and see me weekly thankyou again to everyone



Hi Dawnie 55, sorry to hear about how you have been affected. I must admit that I had not put all these joint pains down to my stroke 7years ago. (April 2009) I have blamed statins, the weather, pruning the roses etc etc. but yes I do have pains day and night and really profuse sweating (I thought I had the flu) My stroke consultant prescribed Gabapentin and I am taking up to 300mg three times daily for the stiffness and pain. After what you have said I will speak to my GP. I can rule out the menopause now I am 70 and I can cope with it all if I know what is causing it.

take care

Annlynne x


Hi annlynne I'm taking gabapentin 300mg 3 times a day by Meningjitis consultant also been given tramadol and paracetamol to take in between, now that Meningjitis infection gone I've been given appointment to see stroke nurse I will tell her that other people are getting these pains and the sweats I'm the same as you if I know what it is I can cope take care

Dawn x


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