what is the alternative to medicine for diabetic patient?

As a chronic diabetic patient things I know are no more important to me. Like all advices for diet control, morning walk, regular medicines etc. What I want to know is/are new discoveries in the field of implant of pancreas, nano cells for putting hold to diabetics etc. Please let's have some research and educate diabetic patients and infuse hopes among them.


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  • Hi friend, Always know that Diabetes mellitus is more or less concerned with stress factor, i recomment each and every dibetic patient to get an alternative way of medicine as yoga, and deep meditation, relaxation techniques. I have seen in my 22 yrs experience in the dibetes management programm the relation, YOGA NIDRA { PSYCHIC SLEEP OR CONCIOUS SLEEP } HELPS WELL. I worked on brain waves and my research paper was published in the INDIAN JOURNAL - "Recent trends in life sciences" as the title " effect of yoga nidra (psychic sleep) on brain rhythms of homo sapiens. If any one dibetic person wants to ask anything regarding diabetes may contact SWAMIJI - +91-8002669536 OR MAY WRITE ON SWAMIJI AT YAHOO DOT COM

  • Swamiji, regards to you. Kindly help diabetics with your valueable advises in details.

  • REDUCE CARBOHYDRATE INTAKE is one of the best natural medicines. Don't listen to what doc tors and dieticians say about 60% carbohydrate rule.... they will kill you with more and more medicines by suggesting more carbohydrate in meals :)

    Diabetics should restrict to below 120gms carb/day

  • There are no known medicines for permanent cure : Prayers,strict vegetarian diet,preferably VEGAN,daily walk of 3 KMS one way & Stress free family life is the best medicine for management of diabetis God willing you may be cured of this disease

  • better dont listen much of advices.if your bs is in control continue with the present regime i.e walk,diet and medicine ,dont worry.be happy and relax ie how I live since 30 yrs as diabetic. chech blood HbAlc,itmust be normal.

  • Plenty of research is going on all over the world but as far as I can make out,nothing substantive is likely to materialize in near future.In the meantime our diabetes will not keep waiting.So,please find the the best possible treatment that is available and in which you have confidence and follow it sincerely.You can live happily with diabetes.

  • Best treatment is EAT to your METER an d be happy ... cheating once in a while is ok :)

  • Yes I agree with Anup

  • The thumb rule is to eat bit lee than your body requires, to continue with increased frequency as 2~2.5 hours. With this sugar level remains in limit & consumed before your next instalment.

    If any thing sweet is taken, further reduce the meal qty. The qty is to be worked by individual to suit their body with purely try & try again till satisfied.

    Exercise whatever you are comfertable should be to the level of sweating, but not to damage the tisues.

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