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Exercise in Diabetes: Part 4

What type of exercise should be done?

Activities should be safe depend on the condition of your heart, blood vessels, eyes, kidneys, feet, and nervous system.

Activities should be realistic for you and choose the ones you think you can do.

Allow yourself to get into a routine. Be flexible and don’t get discouraged.

A standard recommendation for diabetic patients, as for nondiabetic individuals, is that exercise includes a proper warm-up and cool-down period. A warm-up should consist of 5–10 min of aerobic activity (walking, cycling, etc.) at a low-intensity level. The warm-up session is to prepare the skeletal muscles, heart, and lungs for a progressive increase in exercise intensity. After a short warm-up, muscles should be gently stretched for another 5–10 min. Primarily, the muscles used during the active exercise session should be stretched, but warming up all muscle groups is optimal. The active warm-up can either take place before or after stretching. After the activity session, a cool-down should be structured similarly to the warm-up. The cool-down should last about 5–10 min and gradually bring the heart rate down to its pre-exercise level.

The diabetics should do aerobic exercises (like walking, running, swimming, cycling, gardening).

If your age is more, body is heavier and you have arthritis in your legs, you must walk slowly. The jogging will increase breathing and pain in legs. The cycling (on cycle without wheels) at home is better for you.

If you cannot walk or do cycling due to the arthritis, do exercise of other parts/joints at home.

The young and physically healthy people can play their favorite games like kabbadi, hockey, football, tennis etc. It is not necessary to join expensive health club. Many health clubs promise weight loss without diet control but they are not giving value for money to the patients.

High-resistance exercise using weights may be acceptable for young individuals with diabetes, but not for older individuals or those with long-standing diabetes. Moderate weight training programs that utilize light weights and high repetitions can be used for maintaining or enhancing upper body strength in nearly all patients with diabetes.

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i like walking but i walk slowly for 1.5 km and back if i walk rapid i feel heaviness in chest and some pain in my left hand's upper arm i take around 1 hour and 20 minutes in walking and around 3 to 5 minutes sitting rest after 1.5 km. walk.


The motto is to burn calories. Normally you have to measure blood sugar before and after walking . Then you will set the walking distance as well as timing


I also do the same I measure the blood sugar before and after the walk but sometimes it is less to 25 units. and some times it goes up. by 15-20 units. if it is less than 100 units before walk it goes up and reaches to 105 to 110 and if it is around 125 it goes down up to 25 units. It happens when ever I check before and after walk.


Dear Sir,

i KINDLY DO NOT OVER DO IT.walk as much as is comfortable .you are not in competetion with any one.kindly visit my site at hssharma.blogspot.com

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Sir age 36, wt 65kg,ht: 5.9,male, I walk for 50 min. how many km don't know .my Last week report fasting 130.after food 240,Ha1bc 8.33.after coming from walk feels tiredness upto afternoon entire body pain.


check your diet take help of nutrienist . Halbc 8.33 is not good. Your goal should be to get it below 7 preferably 6. Considering your age get yourself educated about LCHF diet..


Please check the diet and always check the glucose at least four times in a day 1 fasting 2 before lunch 3 before tea and before supper you will find the response of your drug and keep the chart and consult to your doctor.


I am benefited by this information because I am suffering with sciatica as wellas arthrities.I will follow the rules.Thanks for such valuable blog.


This is very very informative and helpful. I have taken print outs and given to the people whom I know. Thank you Sir...


yes I agree with twitter comment. But, WALK, WALK, WALK FOR A MINIMUM OF 30 MIN atleast IS THE BEST AMONG ALL OTHER EXERCISES. After walking do not take any oil eatables and spoil the entire walking effect for the day. You definitely feel the whole day is very brisk and active.

Atlanta Krishnaswamy.


Distance and time is not the main criteria but some what brisk walking is necessary to all depends upon the age and capacity.Excercise shold be excercise not straining.


yes what prabhakaran wrote is correct. exercise means exercise and not attempting for any competition exercising is not only for the dibiatic patients it also useful for the other kind of patients like cardiac, and also for people who looks always sluggish inactive and sedent in their live activities.



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