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Diabetes - Essentials


Some of the few essentials for a diabetic include:

1. Blood glucose meters/Glucometers.

2. Ketone Strip.

3. Diabetes identification card.

4. Glucose Source.

5. Healthy snack.

6. Correct Footwear.

7. Log books.

8. Glucagon injections.

Read more: Diabetes - Essentials | Medindia medindia.net/patients/patie...

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I do not agree with U. Every 5th diabetic is an Indian. There should be taken care from the early stage. Consequences what can happen if U do not follow rules and regulations are necessary to know. It is a chronical disease..


That is true, that many people cannot afford the items 2-8. This is recommended by the medindia.net, not my words. ." Diabetes identification card." U can copy, fill in U personal data and leave in U wallet..


I do not want to argue any further.

Thank you


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