Is exercise essential for good diabetes management?

Some say it is not,while many say it is a must. If yes quantum and type of excercise with reason and logic, if no ,same applies. Are you ready to participate ?


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  • If i am right you are referring to Look AHEAD clinical trial.Without going into other details i want to draw attention to the OBJECTIVE .It says, the primary objective of look ahead is to examine,in OVERWEIGHT volunteers with type 2 diabetes, the long term effects of a life style intervention programme DESIGNED to ACHIEVE and MAINTAIN weight loss by decreased calorie intake and increased physical activity.

    So, it is apparent the the above quoted reference is out of context.

  • You are citing a news paper article. I am giving you the whole original report. I will leave it to readers to decide which is authentic.

  • Good to know ,you are a man of financial world. Must be a big shot ,if you write for. NYT.

    A person with analytical mind. Very interesting .

    I never said anything is factually wrong..I simply said context for which it is quoted is entirely different. This was never for evaluating role of excercise vis a vis diabetes.

  • Yes, I think I know your name. I have read about ACCORD study. I also studied Look AHEAD clinical study. But it appears that our perceptions are different.but that is no problem,rather it is very healthy. It always leads to very informative discussions.

  • Somes try to read the original papers before jumping to the conclusions.

  • If you follow Dr. Nathan,the please read his concluding remarks carefully. He say choose life style intervention.

    What this intervention is , diet and exercise. And we are talking about excercise , here. So you all agree that exercise is essential. For good diabetic management. My point.

  • Can you tell me the diet ( % of carb,fat,protein ) in that trial?

  • I have great faith in exercise as one of the tools for diabetes management.I was originally inspired by a quote from Sushrutha,the great Indian physician who reportedly recommended 'digging a well'or 'breaking stones' as remedies for diabetes. Implicitly,he was recommending physical exercise for diabetes management.That apart,over the last 40 years I found regular walking for about 30 to 40 minutes helps not only in sugar management but also keeps the body in good shape.I prefer walking 40 minute,@ 100 steps a minute making it 4000 steps.I use a meter to count the steps.Swimming is probably the best form of exercise for all ages,shapes and conditions.

    Another important piece of knowledge I gained over the years is that diabetes does not aggravate under higher physiological/metabolic activity.That is to say,eat normally but rationally,and exercise adequately.This exercise also helps you to manage your stress levels.

    Sedentary life style and obesity are generally attributed to causing diabetes among people who are genetically prone to diabetes.I agree with that and therefore see no reason to question the need for exercise.

    Another point I believe in is that diet plays a decisive and predominant role in diabetes management.It is not just what you eat but also more importantly,how much you eat and how you eat.A variety of least processed foods such as dal-roti,subji,curd rice etc.are ideal if taken in moderate portions.

    I know,certain learned bloggers on this forum are recommending LCHF diet as a sure shot remedy.Personally,I have no quarrel with that idea and now I am enjoying(in moderate quantities) ghee,butter and eggs unlike earlier times.

    But it does not count as LCHF diet.

  • I strongly recomend LCHF diet, which i was totally against earlier thinking it will increase LDL and weight, I myself following LCHF for almost 2 months now, Reduced 6 kgs weight, bs readings are perfectly under control. I was suffering from high Triglyceride which use to be always more than 200. i had my lipid profile and HB A1 C test few days back and was surprised that my HBA1C is 5.6 which was 7 plus 3 months earlier. Triglyceride reading is 98 ( first time in many years) LDL is 74 which use to be 100 plus always. My BP is under control too. Ofcourse i walk atleast 30-40 minutes ever day.

    I am happy :) want everyone to be happy.

    God bless you all.

    Paramjit Singh

  • yes it is true. I am talking on basis of my personal experience . It is upto others whether they believe or not :)

  • "Long term,regular,strenuous exercise reduces insulin resistance independently of its effects upon muscle mass.This makes you more sensitive to your own insulin and injected insulin.As a result,your insulin gradually becomes more effective at lowering blood sugar.If you inject insulin,your dosage requirement will drop,and fat building effects of large amounts of insulin will like wise drop. In my experience, daily strenuous exercise will, over a period of time,bring about a steady,increased level of insulin sensitivity."

    Above lines are quoted from a book named"DIABETES SOLUTION "authored by Dr.Richard K Bernstein,MD,page no. 226,published 2011.

  • You are very much confused as to what is strenuous excercise and what is body building exercises.

  • Now you are taking back the blank cheque given to Dr.Bernstein.

  • Thank you. Your comments make me smile. Such immature reaction.

  • To make and run a site is not,a costly affair.

  • So , you are the financial manager.

  • So you are computer wizard. That is why you write so fast.

  • Thanks for sharing personal information .

  • Very good comment from personal expereince by u .Gernerally alking is good for all kind peoples for healthy and diabetic and also oldage persons If not interested in walk the persons may not walk but unnecessary postings is not necessary I am sorry to say that in most of discussions always seen the different opinion from followers of L C H F and others . L C H F followers is free to share their experience and also followed their own system similarily other also

    Your comment i sgood one with your expereince I am also having good expereince inwalking and excercise and yoga from last 20 years

    I am followed my own diet system I amtakingall tips from allblogs and all magzines and selected which one is suitable for me I am not criticise any system of diet

    some of other members alsoin favour of walking and excercise their comment is also good one

  • Above my comments mainly to sri venkataramana whoposted comment about Walking iam missed his name in the arlier above post Soprry for mistake

  • In short,exercise is mandatory tool to control diabetes,if you regularly check your blood sugar,blood pressure and others required tests,and if they are with in required parameters,there is no question you will be infected by CKD(CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE) ,CVD(CHRONIC VASCULAR DISEASE) etc.etc.

    Diet plays a very important role in controlling diabetes,there is no term meaning od LCHF Diet and HCLF Diet,eat in moderation of what you eat.

    The patronages of LOW CARBOHYDRATES and HIGH Fat diets are silent on other diseases which will infect you later on. You can be infected with various disease such as Katti Lever,Prostate cancer, eating high fat diet regularly although it may not cause spike in blood glucose. The study being conducted by various persons in laboratories on limited peoples may not prove be beneficial in the long run,as a weapon or machine developed in a factory cannot be commissioned without various field trials and it takes years to gather,just not develop a fictitious software and put in action.


  • It is FATTY LEVER and not KATTY LEVER term used in my reply.

  • Off the track,as usual.

  • Why are we so sarcastic about each other?

  • In Mahabharata war adharma was committed by both sides..Who started it became immaterial in the end.

  • I also hold exactly the same view.

  • Only for those , who are ignorant.

  • I have experienced that routine walking of 20-30 min helps to bring down sugar level. In fact stress free walking, particularly early in the morning, keeps your pancreas active to yield insulin. Hence it must be ensured that while walking one should keep his stress away from him

  • Just following LCHF DIET alone, will not suffice to keep fit and healthy. Exercise is a must, whether it be in the form of physical work, swimming, cycling, long walks, in the Gym OR for that matter, doing Yoga at home. All these, help in burning calories and improved blood circulation. With automation in industries and in IT sector, most employees have little

    or negligible physical work to do,resulting in increased health problems over the years. I personally quote my own example..... 20 years back, when I worked in ships, life was very hectic and tiresome, we used to sweat out our guts working in machinery spaces at temperatures around 45 to 48 dig Celcius ! After automation came into being, it has been very comfortable to work on board. Machinery spaces are now on unmanned mode after 5pm till next day 8am. As there is not much of physical work, ships are provided with sauna, gym, TT court, and, some even with swimming pools !!! This is to keep people physically FIT at all times and sufficiently entertained as well.

  • yes pnchandra and venkataramana bothof them comment is posted by your actual expereince only not giving links to any other sources and google search links. All links is the only elaborate their ownersand his subordinaters views It not applicable forevery circumstances to every one. This type of expereinced comment is required to this blog as this blog has more than thousands of members.

    My expereince also the same as i have from T2 from last 20 years I amnot taking diabeties as series one due to heavy work as usual Doctors then given me tablets as Dianil or Euglucon 2.5 mg This is takenmore than 16 years but due to my heavy work alsoI am spent 2 hours for walking excercise and yoga in early morning Even diet is not properly ( dueto going field work in villages ) but my BS is normal until 2006 Further details i amshared in my previous discussions

    As excercise and yoga and walking saved me from Diabeties

    This is my personal expereince and opinion I am not propogate or publicity to any members to follow this The interested members may try to do walking excercise or yoga as there will and wish

  • I fully agree with pnchandra.

  • Exercise and diet play an important role in the control of diabetes mellitus. (Approximately about 50%). Brisk walking for about 30 minutes daily is enough to reduce excess blood sugar.


  • Test results indicated that I was diabetic from 2006 onwards & is not diabetic from 2009. I claim that I cured it. In my experience exercise is NOT a must for bringing down blood sugar level to normal range; exercise (also) may be good for that. Logically any work done by a human being (& for that matter any creature that is alive) will expend energy. For generating energy glucose is used. This glucose is taken from the circulating blood. Hence exercise will bring down blood sugar level. Whether this reduction in blood sugar will be sustainable or not will depend on many other factors.

  • It depends on which type of daily work one is doing. If he is a manual labour,skill or unskilled,there is no need for any excercise . But if one is in white collared job then,surely excercise or physical work is essential.

  • I must point out that job of a teacher is not sedentary. You have to take several classes each day and you keep on moving in the class. You also keep on moving from class to class so you know that you are doing a lot of physical work. Many times weight excercise is also part of your job in form of carrying excercise books or answer sheets.

    As far as the lady who works in different houses,jharu and poncha entails how much physical work,you know that. Do you still think she requires more physical work ? She may also be doing enough walking ,going from house to house.

  • Please go to bed and relax. It is getting late. It is not my habit or,desire to convince people. The most I can do is to put my view points in a decent way. I am not worried if one is convinced or not.

  • A very restless soul,like a volcano. Try to be at peace with yourself.

  • It is not a character or personality analysis. It is simply an attempt to understand the psychological make up of an unknown person through his/ her writings.

    By the way it is my hobby.

  • Thanks for suggestion.but I pick up only unique or interesting characters.😀

    Once upon a time i. was also very passionate about photography. And took help on net to learn a few finer points of digital photography.

  • Agreed, but in case of a diabetic who is on medication,oral and or insulin,fasting will require a lot of prior thinking and adjustment of doses. Perhaps it may not be possible for most of Indians.

  • You are entitled to own a personal opinion,so no comments.

  • I have read all about Jenny Ruhl and no comments.

  • @cscon.. thanku for the wonderful piece of writing. i could not go thry the entire but i got the gist. Me of late on zero grains., (tea nd coffe with sugar there.) and literally shaking off my meds. can say a sort of lchf., not sure in whole but. my b.s is slowly tapering out to 135 from 180 ppbs . by the way i am not into heavy exercise even though i was a modest exercised one. ;). for my age of 51 to go back into form requires loosing good amount of weight approx 15kg overwieight. so lets see. thanks dear once again. and fellow lchfers.

  • sure.

  • @cscon... after stopping sugar in coffee/tea i am not crossing 136 at any given point of day. the only exception was last 2 days., when bs hit the roof. courtesy uttapas and sugarated coffees. today it dint cross 136 ppbs. fasting i dint check. maybe after a few days i shall check fasting. now looks like i am in a position to 'guess' my sugar level to an accuracy of 15points here and there. even though guesswork is not allowed for blood work.

    thank u dear once again.

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