hiii friends

Eating maria gold 3 packets aday ...............

Is it good/ bad for diabetic patient as my dad is a diabetic patient

so please kindly help me wit dis query


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  • @NIJISHA ,

    It is BAD.


  • so what hecan eat as biscuits plzzz suggest

    coz he dont listen at all n infact v r nt able to stop him frm eating

  • @NIJISHA ,

    Try keeping other options around him. He might like something else & slowly reduce his addiction to Marie Gold Biscuits.

    A couple of option that come to mind : Roasted Peanuts, Almonds, Peanut Chaat Masala, Channa, etc.


  • Apart from what Recyan said other options are walnut,paneer,raw coconut etc.fruits like orange and apple in moderation.

  • Marie biscuits are bad for everyone.

    Alternatives as @recyan suggested.

  • I have head from diabetic patients that peanut increase

    BS levels.

  • It could be possible if they are already on comparatively high carb diet. For most people peanuts don't raise BS.

  • They are rich in cals.

  • It doesn't make any difference if one is monitoring his/her intake.

  • Avoid having whole wheat bread. Substitute it for brown bread. That too burn it. I burn my burn for 15 minutes. This tip I got from another diabetic. His logic was all carbs are burnt this way.

  • Bread itself is useless stuff for anyone whether whole wheat or made from maida.

    Heating will not destroy carbs. It will only damage it.

  • Don't do that. It is all Carbohydrate and maida. Max 2 biscuits per day as snacks is OK but not more. Don't be taken in by marketing buzz.

    See a dietician and get a chart made out for a balanced diet.

  • Britania - Ragi biscuits are safe. But not more than 3/day.

  • Hi Nijisha,

    Anything in excess is not the right way!!!

    As our current lifestyle doesn't allows one to takeup proper or sufficient nutritional diet, one has to compensate it with supplements. I would recommend what i have recommended for my father.



    I got this for 20% discount !!!

  • Any processed food is BAD for a diabetic. (It includes biscuits, breads, cakes, etc..). Please go for alternative less processed option (like having a chapati roll instead).

  • Seems this much intake is very high, just few 5-6 are ok. This much high quantity defiantly raise sugar level.

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