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My experience


I was recently detected with high blood sugar Fasting 207 and Post Prandial 310 and Hba1C at 9.2. I was given a diet which I follow strictly and glycomet 500mg morning and evening. I also walked 3-5 miles everyday. Two days back when my fasting Blood sugar test was done, the result was 119 (in normal range). So not only diet burning out calories is as important, friends. Beat of Luck to everyone here.

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Are you sure about high fat?

Can you please high light the details about LCHF food.Or where can I get the information on LCHF


Can you describe LOW Carb High Fat food so that i can reduce my weight to atleast 80 kg. as i am now above 100 kg. for long years now.

Pls. advise me on my food plan to reduce it. I am diabetic for 15 years well under control

with medication and insuline. Now i have more problem in legs with burning and tingling sensations lead to sleep disorder any time in the night.

Pls. advise any medicine for this ailment. I take Gabantin 400 mg twice/GLA M/ Twice a day and also Galinerve M 75 in the night - also Diacobal forte injection weekly twice since two months. Even no much relief i feel. Pls. advise if any have knowledge on it.

Thank you,

my diet routine as follows :

Morning tea w/o sugar - 3 Marie gold biscuit

10-00 : 3-4 idly , one cup pongal or Uppuma with sambar or chutney

12-00 tea w/o sugar - 3 Marie

2-00 two cup rice with vegetables or greens and sambar

6-00 tea w/o sugar

9-00 2 chappati - veg. kuruma / sambar

weekly once lunch with ghee rice - chicken or mutton kuruma with small one or two pcs


Is it ALPHA LIPOIC ACID 3oo mg is alopathic capsules ? and ASTAXANTHIN 6mg is multivitamin ?

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