Diabetes is a symptom and not disease

Most of the people think that Diabetes is a disease but it is not. It is merely a symptom of failure of pancreas not secreting sufficient insulin or the quality of the insulin produced by pancreas is not good. But, diabetic people initially take tablets and force pancreas to secret insulin and as the pancreatic cells degenerate further, they switch over to insulin. Later body rejects insulin and then the situation is no return. We revive back pancreatic cells by using combination of organic food supplements. Many have already benefited from this and you may also try. It may also work for you.


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  • It is neither a disease nor a symptom. It is pancres's inability to produce insulin to the requirement .

  • Yes that means it is a disorder.

  • Yes, It is a metabolic disorder and can be categorised as a non-communicable disease

  • Please let us know what is the combination, I am keenly interested, my contact no is 9032850457, and mail jeevanlife@live.com

  • Doctor,

    What I am asking is not the meaning but a combination for masalas, and foods which can be used for controlling diabetes.

  • You may contact 09313741870 for the procedure for consultancy.

  • I agree it is not a disease.

    My Doctors # AIIMS Newdelhi say. They say you should systamatic in eating walking to reduce disorde Ramaswami

  • I agree that it is neither a disease nor a symptom. It is pancres's inability to produce insulin to the requirement . And it is also a ,say warning or intimation to change the one's Life style for future living.

  • Call it disease or symptom/s or anything else - certainly its not a normal thing. And despite years of research on it we are not sure sure how to get our body system back on trac in the first few months/ years even with best combination of suitable diet , excercise and medication. What is alarming is that diabetics are prone to follow 'advice ' from any body - without scientific validation.

  • You may contact 09313741870 for the procedure for consultancy.

  • It is an unwanted and uninvited guest.Treat it accordingly.

  • Dear Kamayani Naresh,

    I fully agree with you that Diabetics is a disorder the seriousness of which varies from person to person. What do you mean by organic food supplement?

    I am diabetic for the past 31 years and I am on insulin since 2005. My fasting sugar level is high (180-220) and I take 14 points of insulin in the night only. Once my fasting sugar level is under control the rest of the day is OK.

    Excercise is OK but I am unable to walk like I used to do many years before. If I walk for almost half an hour, then my neck starts paining. Otherwise I am alright. Let me know your organic food supplements. Please contact me on my mail<mohanaprakasa@gmail.com>

  • You may contact 09313741870 for the procedure for consultancy.

  • Dear watch this video and then we can discuss.


  • Friends - Watch the video link below -


  • why this disorder happens? what is the cause for it ? Do the Brain which has to maintain all these organ fails to do so? then what causes the brain in its dereliction of its duty ?

  • If any of our organs are over abused, then we cannot blame the sophisticated Brain. For everything, there is a tolerance and we exceed this.

    Nature has given everything for us to live a healthy life, but we humans have become greedy and want everything to happen instantaneously. Like the great Newton has said "for every action there is an equivalent and opposite reaction". Just give a proper thought to the following:

    We all work more than what we can do to earn more money. Why more money is required--To make our lives happier. So we over load our system and spoil it without knowing that we are doing harm.

    We can normally cover a distance of say about 5 KMs in 15 minutes by using a Bi-cycle. Many people thought that we have to cover the same distance within 5 minutes and bought a bike leaving the Bi-cycle behind. Now everybody is using Motor-cycles to cover the same distance in the same 15 minutes only. Can we go back to Bi-cycle, which will help reducing the traffic, pollution, cost of living and finally improve our health by burning calories.

    These are some examples as how we have spoiled our own lives... There are plenty of examples that can be cited. Just to fill up our one-foot long stomach, we, humans have started spoiling ourselves, then why we should blame the brain??

    Please think over...my friend....


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