For diabetes medicines mail order is acceptable without prescription in usa?

I am diabetic since last 25 years , sugar levels are mostly under control when i am at home and goes out of control when i stay away from home.I am planning to go to USA next month for 6 months, medicines are sold only against doctor's prescription, what do i do? carry with me whole lot? I use Glycomet GP2 and Januvia to keep check on m y sugar levels and sartel 40 ,and clovix 75 as preventive.

is there any way i get these medicines in USA without providing prescription?

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  • I went to USA twice since last 10 years. My stays there.were about 6 months.

    I carried the total requirement of my medicines for 6 months. I have got the prescription for medicines from my doctor. I am a diabetic and heart patient, use around 13 pills daily.

    6 months requirement will be quite large.

    If u pack in in ur suit case it passes through scans and they are normally passed unless they are syrups / jelly types. Jellys/syrups are not allowed.Prescription should be with you with medicines for 24 hours.

    I carried in my hand luggage. Customs in Hyderabad asked for doctors prescription. Verfied with the prescription. Pitied me and let me go.

  • Mr.Reddy :Thanks I will follow your suggestion,fortunately all medicines are in tablet form and i do not use insulin yet.I did visit USA several times before, longest stay till now was about four months,this time i intend to stay 6 months and therefore intend to prepare myself thoroughly this time.

    thanks again,


  • Do not take chances.Carry all the medicines along with prescriptions.Not only the medicines are costly there but also no body cares unless you carry a proper prescription.I carried six months stock and there was no issue.

  • Januvia is imported drug. I took it for over six months but it does not help me to reduce sugar level

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