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One Doctor advised that ACTOS is very important for diabettic patient and prescribed it. I consumed it for 2 years. When I shifted from Dubai to Abu dhabi the Abu Dhabi Doctor prescribed it for the first 3-4 months. Then he stopped to prescribe. After a few months I asked my (present) Abu Dhabi doctor that what about ACTOS i was consuming. Doctor replied that do you want to get Cancer?

I don't understand......

He prescribes Janumet permanently for me and Diamicrone 60 mg one daily before BF.

thank you all

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  • Yes ACTOS/PIOZ both cause pancreatic /bladder cancer.

    JANUMET is still more horrible. It works as DPP4 inhibition which increases risk of CANCER even more.

    Best way is switch to LOW CARB HIGH FAT Diet and medicines will reduce ... For SURE!!!

  • Pioz is said cause bladder cancer in very very in significant cases. I used pioz -15 mg for several years and stopped and changed olix 0.2 mg. I too asked my doctor about it about pioz .He said it is good drug and one in million may be effected that too on a prolonged use.

    The adverse effects are available on internet

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  • Dear Pramod

    My pay pal account not working. May be i used Indian address and paid from Abu Dhabi Credit card.

    Tell me other alternative way


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