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My RBS is above 500+ Even After Taking Insulin

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Hello all,

i was recently diagnosed and found that Random Sugar is Higher (288)

for first time he prescribed me with 8 - 8 - 10 insulin units.

but today i went for RBS When i visit to doctor for consultation and it was 500+

Now he Change the doses to 16 - 16 - 16

is it too much dosage?

Please help me out on how to lower the Blood Sugar.

What Diets and Timings should i follow to Lower Blood sugar Fast.

and how should i know i am Type 1 or Type 2.


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Please change the doctor, when I first diagnosed with sugar my range is 460, but I was treated only with tablets now almost for last four months I don't use tablets, only diet and exercise, my ha1bc is 6.4, and I am confident in next 6 months I will bring it down to normal..

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I was First Diagnosed in 2014 with my sugar level more than 600+ tested on sugar meter. then went to doctor and he was strictly sating to take insulin but my parents told him to give medicine instead. i then start walking and following diet and brought down sugar level to 150 in 7 days with help of medicine. since then i continued it for 8 months and everything was in control. but with time i just lost tye diet and start eating junk again. but of late i was diagnosed in two consecutive years in january and found sugar acetone was high. my family is worried now because of that. thise time new hospital and new doctor gave me insulin and i have to take it just after checking blood sugar after 5 days with insuline it was high 500+ i think without insulin was lower. i don't know how to restart again and brought down sugar level quickly. i feel weak and nervousness with insulin. don't know may be hormonal changes or of what.

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can you please tell me how you are following your diet (how many meal with snacks) and exercise how many time? are you going to gym

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Imtony79 in reply to rehan99

Dont worry, stress is the biggest problem for diabetic, your life style is matter, I am not a doctor but i will share my experience, i always test my self with accucheck after following any new diets, though the measurements may not be accurate it will give some important factors, when i take idly, dosa and rice my blood sugar level rises but one time i tried with gulab jamoon with jeera but my sugar level was stable.

So test which food suits you, try to take vegetables a lot , have some quality protien and fiber ( not fiber biscuts ) also visit fituber in youtube he suggests some good foods, have some walk take some hit ( hi intensity taring ) for two days in a week , avoid junk and sugar , pray to god, you will be fine..

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You don't have a choice except keto range lchf diet.It's carbs as less as possible and no to refined / processed foods.One warning. Stop insulin when you start lchf concept diet.It's lchf diet plus other practices like exercise, yoga and especially intermittent fasting.

And insulin is not the solution.

Test for c peptide. That'll tell you if you are type 1 or 2.

Gud luk.

What are the medicines you have been prescribed? Do you take alcohol? Sugar Control depends on 3 factors - Medicine, Food Intake and Exercise. Any change in one will affect the Sugar level. What is your age? If sugar is not getting control, pl get admitted in a Diabetic Specialty Hospital and bring it under control.

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Hello, currently doctor gave me to take only insulin no medicine. here doctors are only advising to take insulin if you are under 30. i am 28 years old , working from home and my diet was pathetic in previous few years. not doing regular exercises, trying to convince my self to do more exercise but then fail to follow a certain routin. with insulin dose i never felt so nervousness before. i don't know is it right to jump to i sulin or not but my sugar level is high though. i have a food cravings i usually eating lots of fruits at home and with that junk also.

Hi, by now you know diabetes is best taken seriously right from the moment one is diagnosed. It's very very risky to still continue erratic diet/lifestyle/medicines if taking... its in your best interest to curb your food cravings n seriously consider n rectify lifestyle issues. I'm sure you've been counselled about these. Nothing is impossible once you've set your target. Go for it! All the very best 👍

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Yes definitely. i felt regret about it but still nothing lost. there is a new day tomorrow and new hope. I Felt Good Today after few Nervous days and started moving and Working Out. Just Hoping to Get Rid of Insulin ASAP

you are not serious about your diet control

If you need to have high doses of insulin to cope with your blood glucose, you will be predisposed to making visceral fat and increasing insulin resistance.

The sensible thing to do is reduce carbohydrate intake to reduce the need for insulin.

Thanks everyone for reply.

I told my doctor that i want to change 2 meal diet but he said you are prescribed with 3 time insulin and you have to eat 3 times and he just told that take insulin and take regular reading with gluco meter and if it goes higher than 200 than increase with 2 units more.

Since i was diagnosed two times and with my pathetic lifestyle now my family members don't trusting me. they are just going by doctors words and feel safer with medication rather then going natural ways. i feel really weak with insulin and i think blood sugar getting higher with it. with those high dosage i feel like i have to eat more and makes lots of confusion.

Anyways i want to change my lifestyle and this time i have to focus more on my health.

Any Tips on How to Manage Your Own Diet. because there are parties have to attempt and mostly eating what my mom prepare for all.

what is your age any family history

dont worry that take some time to coming normal values

you remove tension

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i am 28. both my mom and dad have diabetes since the past 10 years and only my mother's mother had diabetes other than they were healthy.

what is your profession

are you from

what is your diet please tell me

present what drugs you mentione

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I am Doing Internet Marketing from Home and From Gujarat.

Normal Home Made Foods. Mostly Whole Wheat Roti and Vegetable Diece.

The doctor gave me Insulin Pen. Using it With 16 - 16 - 16 Units.


Are you try foxtail millet (korralu) Vegetable Diece. Instead of Whole Wheat Roti and check sugar levels

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No First Time Hearing That Name.

i think you insulin use some more time.

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Tell Your Condition Now. Are You Still On Insulin?

ye still in insulin but decreased 40 units to 25 units

When sugar is very high, it is normal to bring it down using Insulin. Then the diabetic Doctors prescribe medicines. If your sugar level continues to be high, it is not good. First consult a good diabetic specialist and bring it under control.

It appears that you have no confidence with the present Doctor and in that case, go to another Doctor.

Where do you live.

Hi Rehan

In my experience Insulin is the best ever medicine .In my age 30 I diagnosed diabetic. my doctor advised to start insulin .At that time I was very upset and confused to receive insulin .I went to another doctor for second option, he changed my misunderstandings about insulin and I started insulin at that moment .Now I can manage my diabetes.

1. Be confident. Understand you can easily manage this. Consult a diabetologist, he can suggest proper insulin suite you and take correct dose insulin

2 Do regular exercise (Important)

3 Eat plenty of vegetables, eat low carb high fibre foods

4 Check your sugar levels at regular intervals

5 consult doctor and make regular check ups at least once in 3 months

You can easily manage your diabetes. Be happy .

आजकल नयी दवाईयां आगयी ही जो सामान्य से कुछ अधिक कीमती हे परन्तु उनसे 2-3 महीनों मे ही शुगर काम हो जाती है शुगर के विशेषज्ञ डॉक्टर से सलाह लेवे समान्य डॉक्टर से नहीं

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