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Anti oxident and cancer

currently reading dr bernsteins Diabetes solutions, must say its a must read for all diabetics hats off to this doctor, at one place he says anti oxidents should not be taken someone who has a family history of cancer,i am takind alpha lipoic acid since last three month,it seems to work for me,but my grandfather and father died of cancer, now i am worried should i continue or not ?

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I read Dr.Bernstein information really good

but science changing on his time. Anti oxidation you can say Amrit we got from manthan. Anti oxident has very preventive roll on cancer or any degenerative disease. But be watch vit A in anti oxident should be beta-caroten form not other fat soluble vitamin. And rest a sure intake of anti oxidant along with smoking may cause cancer other all vitamins are totally safe. And regarding Alpha lipoic acid totally safe.For my ppersonal request add lycopen base anti oxidant


Vitamin A :

Quote : "........ Researchers have succeeded in creating water-soluble forms of vitamin A, which they believed could reduce the potential for toxicity.[58] However, a 2003 study found water-soluble vitamin A was approximately 10 times as toxic as fat-soluble vitamin.[59] A 2006 study found children given water-soluble vitamin A and D, which are typically fat-soluble, suffer from asthma twice as much as a control group supplemented with the fat-soluble vitamins.[60]"

Source :




R-Alpha lopic acid is one of the very few substances that can actually cross the blood/brain barrier to enter the brain and go directly where it is needed most.Alpha lopic Acid supplementation causes increased levels of glutathione ,which helps the body dispose of toxins.

This is important as glutathione protects the brain from radical damage,and low level of glutathione in the brain are associated with brain disorder such as stroke,dementia,Parkinson"s and Alzheimer"s disease.

R-Alpha lipoic Acid(R ALA);;The Network Oxidant;;;Normality once an antioxidant has eliminated a free radical,it is lost fore over.Lipoic acid is the only antioxidant with unique ability to regenerate/recycle itself,and other oxidants such as vitamin C& E,so that they continue free radicals.This is why ALA is known as network oxidant,But, is all R-Alpha Lipoic Acid(R-ALA)the same,see web http//Ralpur.com for more details.


Were your late father and the grandfather also consuming anti oxident? If it is so, then the family history may repeat, give up immediately.


Were your father and the grandfather taking the anti-oxident during their life time. If, it is so, then think whether to take or not.


well to be honest for its a new thing that anti -oxidant will increase your chances for cancer i heard otherwise almost all Multi- Vitamins given has some way or other has anti oxidants in them even in vegetables has them in good amounts , But i do read that most of the Multi-vitamins which we eat in any forum in meds is not has much affect in body as body just flush them out only very limited amounts stays within so best way still to eat them naturally ( i may be wrong here ) but then its a matter for further discussion ! .


Dr. Ron Rosedale says that early life began with glucose as a fuel, because there was insufficient oxygen for other macro-nutrients to be used. Thus, glucose encourages cells to proliferate. Multi-celled organisms control this growth by feeding the body cells that are beneficial to the organism. However, mutations due to toxins, infections and so forth can lead to cells reverting to the default position of multiplying uncontrollably in the presence of excess glucose.

Whether a ketogenic diet would help cure cancer is debatable, because research focusses on drug cures.

Controlling carb intake is certainly a way of reducing cancer risk. Sloan-Kettering Memorial Hospital research found that carbohydrate has twice the cancer risk of protein, with fat having little if any risk.


Thanx medfree.


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