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Diabetes with SLE

My mom is about 65 years old and she is diabetic since 2005.

Intially she suffered from complications related to SLE in 2003 and was administered on a dosage of steroids to suppress the effects of SLE(lupus - auto immune disease).

doctors had warned though this steroid will prevent SLE symptoms it might be the cause of diabetes and other complications as she has to be on steroids lifelong.

she was also advised to gradually reduce the dosage of steroid until the point where she would feel reducing the dosage further would bring the SLE symptoms back.

Now after 12 years she is having issues with blood sugar level where the max blood sugar level after food is around 350 and min i.e fasting is coming down to 70.

she was advised by endocrinologist to take injectable Insulin - Humalog thrice a day with units such as 16-12-10.

few days back she started having frequent loose motions,loss of appetite,indigestion , weight loss & watery bowels which is not under control even after having antibiotics,digestive enzyme syrups,antacids.

please let me now in case you or any one you know has come across this kind of symptoms which re similar to gastroparesis .


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Very sad that your mother is facing such serious health problems.Unfortunately,her problems are such that you will hardly get any guidance from this forum.However,our best wishes are with her.


Medical matters you need to discuss with a health professional.

Reduce her intake of legumes, fruit, grains, cereals, tubers and root vegetable to a cup or less each meal, and increase her natural fat intake a little. Make sure her medication doesn't make her hypoglycaemic.

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Lupus as it is commonly known, as you have rightly said an autoimmune disease. It can affect any or many organs of body. Right now her digestive tract is affected. It is not gastroparesis.

Please put her under care of good doctor or hospitalise her in a good hospital, before it gets out of hand.take care.

Best wishes.

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I start with my best wishes to yr mom. I believe in possibility of positive energy. May be my suggestion would not give u satisfactory answer but I feel u can try ayurveda .with love to u ........arunima


Sir, yes I in do agree with you. U r absolutely correct. But I feel pain when i hear someone suffering from and almost my age. I had to go through this type of situation,although not so severe, and ayurveda helped me and hence I said.One thing is sure here people (friends ) r so helpful and ready to share their experiences. I thank each and every friend of mine .god bless u all.

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Dear indiacratus,

I have not misunderstood you sir. Probably I have not understood the depth of disease. I say from the core of my heart. Myself mother of a daughter who has lost her child when she was 29.We couldn't do anything to bring her back with famous hospitals in india. Please know I am trying hard to find myself as friend amongst you all. With best regards. Arunima



It is indeed sad . With best regards



Thanks all for your response and your advice .

we are consulting a gastroenterologist and planning to visit him as well as the endocrinologist this coming week.

And meanwhile to keep herself hydrated she is having fluids with ORS.


Her fasting sugar at 70 is actually great.

You never check blood sugar shortly after eating. You check it 2 hours post of eating. In a normal person after 2 hours of eating your sugar level in a normal person would fall between 80 & 120.

A person with insulin resistance would be above 140. Also any reading over 140 after eating at anytime post meal is likely prediabetic... but her fasting 70 number is a good sign.

You should have your mom get her carbohydrates down to 50 grams or less per day. Replace carbohydrate and sugars with increased fats. Moderate protein eating no more than 20% more than you would normally eat. Suppliment with vitamin C as it will help reduce inflammatory issues often associated with diabetes or metabolic syndromes.

She may need more salt in her diet if she tries the high fat low carbohydrate diet as it tends to initially increase urination. The added salts helps maintain fluids and potassium levels.

Also some gastrointestional issues may occur as she adjusts to this diet. Just stay hydrated, expect some withdraw pains as you move from burning sugars to burning fats for energy.

Google ketogenic diet and begin the process of learning how high carbohydrates and sugars are killing us. You must break this cycle.

I'm 12 weeks ketogenic have eliminated all insulins and oral sugar medicines simply eating a high fat diet... I've eliminated over 500 shots using food as my medicine.


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