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How much is personal research possible with Diabetes?

My Acucheck machine has shown that my blood sugar level at fasting is about 250-300 and post parental 350-400. This was accidentally and for the first time discovered. I do not know what the levvel could have been prior to this.

There are " absolutely" no visible symptoms for over 2 years. Except for a couple of doses of Sulphur and a couple of doses of Ars Alb, no medicine was taken.

About a week ago the fasting level showed 487. And a mild, moving & a specific region pain with well defined boundary was felt on the sole of one leg or other. The pain generally lasts for a few minutes but recurred after a gap of 1 to 2 hours.

On altering the choice of rice the number has come down to 250/

Are there others who have had similar episode? How long can I pull along without medical intervention?

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you must undergo medication, sudden raise and fall of glucose level is not advisiable that is what my doctor says. I try to control my sugar level but it varies due to food habits - i travel a lot and have food whatever I get. I also use accucheck but maintaining 180 at Fast and 250 at PP level this ned to be brought down to 140 fasting less than 200 on PP


You may consult Dr. Gupta at Hyderabad, his contact no is 098480 23458. He is a homeo Doctor and best for diabetic patients.


You cannot depend on acucheck to decide about your diabetic condition..You have to consult a Doctor who will tell you about your health based on lab reports.Once your contion is established and proper medication is prescribed,then you can use the glucometer to monitor the effectiveness of the treatment.


Mr.Venkatramana is correct. You have to undergo several tests before medicine administration and besed on the findings your doctor will prescribe medicines and you have to get your self periodically checked by doctor with test reports and modifying medicines according to the behaviour of medicines he prescribed earlier and so on till your sugar levels are brought under control and steady.There after you can monitor your sugar level with glucometer and ensure that your sugar levels are down and steady.Above all you have to get your urine tested for presence of sugar if so directed by doctor and once the sugar in urine is prevented urin sugar need not be monitored unless your PP sugar exceed 160mg/Dl.


Consult imm a diabeotic specialist and 250 to 450 will lead to stroke. Dont be lazy.but dont worry starT imm medication and the liquid food i have mentioned in my blog ur sugar leavel will be normal within 15 days.


You seems to be a diabetic. You must get your fasting and P.P. and HbA1c done from a reputed laboratory and then consult a good physician who will start your treatment depending upon your readings and your physical structure. Many new medicines are now available for the effective management of Diabetes. You must follow your Dr.'s advise. You do'nt have to worry. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder which can be controlled by life style modification and some suitable medication. Good Luck.


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