Diabetes Myths & Facts ( part 1)

Myth: Eating too much sugar causes diabetes.

Fact: The answer is not so simple. Type 1 diabetes is caused by genetics and unknown factors that trigger the onset of the disease; type 2 diabetes is caused by genetics and lifestyle factors.

Being overweight does increase your risk for developing type 2 diabetes, and a diet high in calories from any source contributes to weight gain. Research has shown that drinking sugary drinks is linked to type 2 diabetes.

The American Diabetes Association recommends that people should limit their intake of sugar-sweetened beverages to help prevent diabetes. Sugar-sweetened beverages include beverages like:

•regular soda

•fruit punch

•fruit drinks

•energy drinks

•sports drinks

•sweet tea

•other sugary drinks.

These will raise blood glucose and can provide several hundred calories in just one serving!

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  • Biggest problem is FRUCTOSE/HCFS addition to all items that you mentioned.

  • Yes, You Are Right.

  • Hi Dr.Pallavi ,

    Very informative Blog . You are absolutely right .

    But leave a blog on


    As most of our Fellow members ,experience that the

    blood sugaris acting with adverse behaviour that means ,

    increasing the dose of insulin and on the other hand ,

    increasing blood sugar .

    When dose of insulin is increased , blood sugar is required to come down . But it

    is acting adversely . If you find time , please release a blog , as

    my question is left unanswered till date , from a pretty long time .

    Thanks Dr.

    May God bless you always for leaving iformative blog.

    Karan (Pravakar)


  • LOL ... Some OCD to post irrelevant comments to every thread :D

  • In addition to these, drinking of any sweet beverages like horlicks, boost, bounvita,coffee ,tea, fruit juices will also increase glucose level. Try to avoid these.

  • Thanks for the information and advise

  • thats correct but what about the insulin resistance? a big factor in weight gain

  • Eat CARBS ... that gtets digested pretty fast and you feel hungry so you eat more carbs and vicious circle goes on endlessly. You tend to overeat when on a CARBY life style. Excess calories are converted into FAT that gets stored around belly called BELLY FAT. Accumulation of fat finally starts causing signalling problems and that's onset of Insulin RESISTANCE.

    Educate the next generation to shun American life style of coke and burgers, eat healthy and burn calories. I am thankful to my "D" now my Son stays away from all American CRAPPY without even telling him.

    Burgers + Coke culture is what has really ruined public health everywhere. 1 Can of coke == 5 teaspoon sugar more so it's FRUCTOSE (HFCS) which an average human should not take more than 15gm/day. American lifestyle makes sure you consume 5 times that value daily ...

  • Why to blame any culture, All american don't live on Coke & Burger, and they are not forcing us to have them, we are the one deviating from the healthy lifestyle & Diet routine that our ancestors use to Follow.

    Everything in Moderate quantity is ok if you balance it right. Eating Right Food at Right time is very essential for anybody. A balance diet should have all component whether its proteins, minerals, carbs or fats etc. in limited quantity as per the weight, height, age,sex & type of activity of the Individual.

    Diabetic people should get a diet chart made customized to their requirements. they should follow a strict time table for diet, exercise & medicine.

  • America thrives on "LOW Fat" culture (credit goes to Dr Ancel Keys Flawed 7 nation research) and is most OBESE nation on earth :)

  • Your statement about Americans is 90% correct. I lived in the U.S for 3 yrs. and found most of the Americans eat packed food and drink coke. They don't give importance to food.I met so many obese people there who could not stop eating.

    On the other hand Asians including Indians pay more importance to their food.

  • Who can teach that Uncle Chips, Kurkure, Murmure Kellogs Low fat Cornflakes and Pop Corn is POISON.

    That's American culture exported to India ... where POP CORN has replaced Peanuts ... daliya is replaced by Kellogs CRAP all in name of LOW FAT stupidity which was masterminded by Dr Ancel Keys who removed data of 14 nations just to prove what he wanted to prove ...

    LOW Fat stupidity is further spread through scaremongering by educated practitioners which is most saddening ... they have no time to talk Atkins diet and what Dr Bernstien says ... all want you to take CARBS as per what ADA says ...

  • I thought this site was mean't for the Diabetic population to increase their awareness about Diabetes, its complication & management not about what culture is being followed where.

    Every country have a different demographic. We are blessed with such a climate that we can grow different crops through out the year. In few parts of America they have snowfall & other factors.

    I am not advocating their practice but we should be reasonable when we criticize someone for no good reason. I have seen a lot many people in America that took care of their diet & exercise better than us but they have their own practice which they feel comfortable with.

    Obesity is one of the important factor when considering Diabetes but its not the only factor I have seen many obese who are active & healthy otherwise.

  • What is your opinion about Atkins diet?

  • I am not a nutritionist so its out of my scope to comment on it. I follow my dietitian's advice coz i know how qualified she is & i always get good results. I don't pass judgement on anything.

  • Got it. You are a doctor and you need a nutritionist to explain things to you.:)

    You just strengthened my convictions and reasons not to trust Dr Google more ... Looks at Dr Richard Bernstein ... he never listened to nutritionists and is now a "ROLE Model" for many diabetics who are self taught and don't rely on nutritionists much because all of them push 60% energy from CARBS theory and FATS are BAD crap :)

  • I believe one should stick to his/her area of expertise.

    A nutritionist is a qualified person to talk about nutrition & diet other are just Adviser who tell self stories based on their own experience but whats the guarantee that it would work the same for everyone.

    I am a doctor & i am very proud to say that my Nutritionist know more about Diet then I do.

    Dr. Richard Bernstein made various contribution for Diabetic Diet & Self monitoring for Diabetic people. He might not listen to nutritionists but at the same time he is not forcing everyone to not to listen to their Nutritionist. One should decide what is best for themselves. Trial & error is acceptable but you should keep it to yourself.

  • Even NUTRITIONISTS do TRIAL AND ERROR, even doctors do because everything in medicines revolves around the word "_MAY_" ... all research papers always take the defense of word _MAY_ ... rarely do they say "WILL" ... so it's all about trial and error and if it is about trial and error then why pay a nutritionists?

  • So don't pay, decide what you want to eat & watch what works for you, its your choice. I don't advocate that, so i prefer taking advice from a qualified person. One day if i go wrong they may control me or help me .

  • Yes listen to your Body more than listening g to doctors ... you become what you eat and eat like your granny did when there were no malls and no "Kellogg Low Fat" bull crap for breakfast ..

    If anything seriously goes wrong even doctors cannot control anything ... they will just be busy thinking how to squeeze out more cash through unnecessary diagnostic tests etc. Have you ever thought why do doctors get BASHED quiet frequently by patients family?

  • I do not eat sweets, no coal drinks, no other think which increases sugar directly, my eight was 50 kg stable since last 20 yrs. But I caused by sugar up to 596 PP, now wt. decreased up to 45 kg. Why?

  • You need insulin.

    596 is dangerous.

  • Are you having Type 1 Diabetes?

  • One should listen to the advice and guidance offered by his or her own diabetologist.We can not go on following the various things said on the internet and other blogs.

  • I agree with you.

  • It depends. If you can find a nutritionists who is a diabetic then YES ... No.

    If you find a doctor who is a diabetic himself /herself then yes.

    Others are just pill writing robots as far as TYPE2 goes or talking same old ADA Brainwashed stuff v... 60% energy from CARBS, FATS are bad and so on.

    TYPE 1 (Juvenile or LADA) is a different beast and is more about balancing insulin shots with carb load most of the time so you need a instructor who can teach you carb counting and balancing with insulin.

  • Dr.KVS Mahesh, and Dr. B.S.SAnjay of the MV diabetes centre in Koramangala havebeen prescribing for you for entirely satisfactory results. I would recommend these two doctors for patients in Bangalore. Dr.Mahesh has his own hospital in Frasertown having left MV Diabetes. Dr.S.Divakaran aged81

  • We started with MYTH and continue discussing only MYTHS. Please focus on what make difference between a normal person and a diabetic person.

    Treatment of Diabetics cannot be limited to controls blood sugar only. When the treatment is for entire body, including others diseases, T2DM can be reversed.

    I am not a doctor; but have reversed T2DM for more than 500 people.


  • 500 is a very good number..Would Like to know How?

  • As I have said earlier, I am not a doctor by profession. But to some extent understanding the importance of nutrition in our diet. I am doing reversing of metabolism only through food. locally available food-stuff. More interested please call me +919448142399 or write to me rsridhar220962@yahoo.co.in

  • Please don't use blog post for sales & advertisement . You can blog on the main page for all this information.

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