Can't eat and seriously uner weight


My partner was diagnosed as type 2 diabetic at the beginning of September and is seriously under weight. I am struggling to get an effective mount of calories in her even with several small meals in the day. She didn't like nuts or avocados. I've looked at protein drinks etc but they all seem to be carb or sugar loaded... Any ideas and advice would really be welcomed.



P.s. Yes I am trying to get her to go back to her diabetes nurse.


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  • A little detail about blood sugar level including HbA1c,age, weight and height will be helpful. What is her normal diet and any medication. No need to worry, everything is going to fine.

  • Hi,

    She 54 and is 5foot 3inches tall (I think that is about 160cm tall) and weighs under 8. stone (about 50kgs). She is on two meds - gliclazide - 80mg twice a day and metaformin 850mg three times a day (this med seems to make her burp a lot and feel sick). Her food tastes are limited but she does like fish, salads and fruits. She eats whole meal breads and potatoes. Normally we have a healthy diet except, in the past she had a very sweet tooth and ate a lot of sweet stuff on top of her healthy stuff - she is a keen cyclist so would normally have burnt off the sugars. At the beginning of September her blood sugar levels were in the high 20s mills/l and have consistently gone down until to where she is now over the past week consistently under 10mmols/l - normal being 4-7mmols/l (sorry I don't know what HbA1c is/means).

    I am not too worried about her blood sugar levels as they are definitely going in the right direction but she can't really afford to be losing any more weight.

    I try to give her a high energy breakfast of of something like egg, onions and mushrooms with a slice of toast and sometimes a few baked beans. Lunch varies from pasta dish, fish salad, soup, stew and tea is usually a little more soup, stew or baked potato with cheese. Snack wise we've gone for oranges, apples or popcorn. All her portions are small as she seems to only be able to eat small amounts... I think the metaformin is contributing to this lack of ability to eat much.

    Thanks for advising me I really appreciate it.


  • Ali, you are such a wonderful and caring person. Your friend is very fortunate. Coming to the topic you said you do not know HbA1c ,actually it is measure of mean glucose level over a period of about 3 months. Any path. lab. does this blood test. No fasting is required.

    You are doing fine with your diet, only a few minor adjustment may be needed. For time being potato and pasta should be omitted and fruits should be restricted.

    Do not worry about weight, it is going stabilise very soon and will be in ideal range .

    Next time when you go for blood tests please also get your lipid profile done.

    PS :- your means your friend.

  • Her BMI is 19.5 so on this count she is OK. Instead of bread you can increase cheese...please visit Mendosa's site on Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load. You will be amazed how you can combine different food groups under LCHF regime!

  • Thank you for your, reassurances, help and support it's very much appreciated.


  • Dear ali_h

    you can ask your wife to follow LCHF DIET. it worked for millions of people. i got rid of dangours medications with lchf diet. but try add more vegetables into the diet. make sure her carb intake is less than 100gm per day. their is a beautiful site especially dedicated for lchf it is good luck

  • I endorse what atma has stated. Reduction of carbs is the best approach in diabetes. Replace carbs with quality protein and fat to cover the calorie deficit.

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