It is my personal experience with my wife. Many people are suffering with this problem. One most important thing is that by genetic influences it may occur. So every body must be careful if their parents have the problem.

Second thing - How to attack it ? Walking and Exercise with proper food habits. It will take care at least 30 to 40 years. Will it not be sufficient. But many people are not doing diet control, exercise and walking and ultimately suffered. Now start doing exercise or walking at least 6 KM walk in the morning. It will take care of you.! DON'T WORRY ! BE PRACTICE IT! IT SHOULD BE A WAY OF LIFE?



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  • Fully agree with u that by doing exerercise and walking one can control to some extent but the scene comes to exp-load with wrong eating habits means not taking diabetic diet.

  • Can be controlled by yoga, walking for 30-45 min every day plus suitable medicines.

  • Yes I agree to it .

  • Yoga, walking suitable medicine plus recommended diet may help to run a smooth life of a diabetic person

  • Absolutely. Diet is the key. Not walking. Use that precious time spent in walking 25 kms to improve your minds reading something useful :-)

    Yoga alone cannot cure diabetes whatever Ramdev might say. Diet (LCHF) is a MUST.

  • Will anybody tell me the foods which are LCHF.I know the full form of LCHF

  • I eat both vegetarian as well as meats, fish, eggs, cheese, butter, etc, etc. I have started eating more nuts for fats. Nuts like peanuts, walnuts and almonds. I eat eggs, cheese and butter. I eat salmon, tuna, sardines, mackerels, basa, prawns, crabs amongst other fish.

    In the meat section I eat chicken, mutton, beef, bacon, ham, salami, sausages, etc, etc. I also eat home made curd.

    I have completely cut out sweets, chocolates, icecream, sugar. Other things I don't touch are rice, rotis, naans, parathas, bread, potatoes, etc. Vegetables I eat are asparagus, bok choy, lettuce, bean sprouts, onions and tomatoes (not too much), capsicum, brocolli, mushrooms, cabbage, etc, etc. I drink at least 5 cups of green tea every day. This tea does not have any milk or sugar in it.

    The main thing is that I don't have any religious hang ups. What is good for health I eat irrespective of what the so-called Gods say or don't say :-) Cheers !!

  • I have been eating meat including red meat ever since I had teeth :-) We are Goans and eating meat and fish is par for the course for us. I cannot think of anyone in my family (on both sides) who has ever had any problems with the colon because of beef, pork or mutton :-) Besides, in the long run, we are all dead :-)

    Still, your caution is well taken. Cheers !!

  • Will anybody tell me the foods which are LCHF.I know the full form of LCHF

  • I am 68 and a diabetic since over 15 years. I am on 1 tablet of Glimpiride 3 mg and 3 tablets of Metformin SR 500 since several years. My FS for the last 8 months was varying between 150 to 174, however my PP ( after taking the above tablets) was always lower between 140 to 170. I was on a diabetic diet but with a full fruit- breakfast to reduce severe constipation that I had before. I checked my FS on 12th June which was 150 and PP was 142. My Hb1Ac was 7.8. My lipid profile tests were done and everything was normal.

    I started on LCHF diet on 12th June. On 14th June my FS was 119 and my PP was 113. On 16th June my FS was 111. Today 19th June my PP is 95. However I have been facing some problems of heaviness in stomach and some gastric problems whereby I am continuing to take some fruits daily such as a banana in the morning, papaya in the noon and night, and even Mango sometimes, yet I am getting wonderful results with my sugar levels as never before within 8 days when I cut off grains. I hope my stomach conditions will improve with time.

    Eugine Augustine.

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