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Dysentery, Loose Stomach, Loose Motion, Stomach Upset co-relation to Diabetes

Please STOP ALL DIABETES MEDICINES when you have Dysentery, Loose Stomach, Loose Motion, Stomach Upset

During this time I have again seen death in the Face and Thanking God that he has brought me back.

From 25-1-13 to 2-2-13 I was suffering from dysentery and some how trained to take Diabetes medicines I kept on doing that.

Please note food intake in stomach upset becomes very low - Result

On 5-2-13 I got up from bed and collapsed on the floor unable to move, the Maid discovered me and with neighbours had me shifted to ESI Hospital.  My Blood Sugar was 44.  They put me on Dextrose IV and when the BS was high enough they sent me for a Cranial CT Scan - Brain OK.

Instead of admitting me Indoors they let me return home by the same ambulance.

On 6-2-13 again the Maid came to find me sleeping at 8:30 am.  The Boy who lives with me asked How is Uncle?  Still sleeping!!!

He knew I am an early riser and he tried to awaken me - no response, pulse erratic, breathing heavy and shallow.

Taking my Glucometer the test came to 28 BS.  Next flat's Doctor came and insisted Hospitalization - so the ambulance arrived and soon I was on Dextrose IV Hyper- Syringe and I was admitted saved after 7 days internment.

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I suffered Hypo-Glycaemic shock due to lack of Blood Sugar due to stomach upset and continued diabetic medication - now I understand any body can have Loose Motion, treatment infection not in scope, which completely cuts off the glucose intake.

Further Diabetic Medication will KILL - I humbly post this message



IF HYPOGLYCEMIA persists for 6 hours if it is below 35 mg/lit then there will be brain damage


My dear Mr Prasenjit! Thinks for shaing your experience with us. God bless you!


The stomuch problems related to diabetes are mostly caused on account of overriding your diet resrtictions and eating fats , ghee preparations, and junk foods that make you get stomuch diaorder on account of reduced digestion power due to diabetes.


Let us not ponder on how the infection or bowel egress started. The point is that your food intake comes down and if your add BGL suppressant medication oral or injection as per the Doc's prescription then the Blood Glucose subsides to below the energy required by your body to breathe and the heart beats to continue. Due medical reasons diabetics do not feel any pain in the heart so what would normally be a Symptom for Heart Attack is absent.

Without reservations tell every diabetic to stop diabetic medicines when his/her - stomach is upset please also saying the continued medicines can cause the death.


Depletion of blood glucose infers in a diabetes inferes that the subject person has more works than the supplied sughar to the system. That has no bearing in stomuch upsets.Stomuch upsets increase only when the system is unable to absorb or digest fats and like products. AS FGOR CARBO, ITS INTAKE SHOULD MATCH WITH THE SPENDINGS OF SUGAR OTHER WISE, THEY TOO ARE REJECTED FOR ABSOPTION.This also causes stomuch upsets.


Do not wait for replies are comments from group members. U are fit case for hospital admission


Dear Anup,

Diabetes condition is: there is Glucose in the blood and not in the muscles this creates tiredness and a craving for sweets.

Consult a dietician with BS chart for a balanced diet ALWAYS AVOID spikes in BS as you can. Extreme fatigue has only one cure instant sweets & rest, which a well covered diet will not allow to happen.

Now you know your insta-sweet requirement - handle yourself with care and advise, please


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