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New Tablet to Control Type 2 Diabetes

I am a type 2 diabetic for the last 20 years and my blood suger lev. was always above 180 ( 2 hrs after food). Since last 5 months I am taking Tab Istavel 100 mg with Semitribet-1 daily at the advice of my doctor.Now my bs has come down to almsot normal.

The Tab. Istavel is from Gliptin family and now available in our country (Slightly contaly) and can be used by patients with kidney problems and very less side effects the catalogue says.

I suggest those with high bs in type 2 can consult their Doctors about this tablet.

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Can u please tlell us, about your age & how long you are taking that medicine. What is your food habbits.



WOW! This sounds incredible, yet I want to believe it. Will see my doctor and get back to you in a month or so with a report.

Meanwhile could you pls answer the other query: "... your age & how long you are taking that medicine. What is your food habits."


Wow your age? Follow Lchf diet


Were you taking other medicines before taking the mentioned?

Did you make no life style (diet/workout and snack frequency) changes whatsoever since you went on this medicine?


it is dangerous to take Istavel or ongliza if u have pancreas inflammation,any body wants to take consult ur doctor before taking it , side effects are more


Plz tell us about ur age and ur diabetic history(in brief) ,


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