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Storage conditions for Insulin

Hello, could you please suggest storage conditions for insulin and how it reacts when it's at diff. temperatures? Also, how can we know insulin is not usable?

I kept insulin in the refrigerator and am taking with me to the office with cooling bags. For the last 2 days, I am unable to manage my BS levels with insulin even taking apricot 15 points. Yesterday, I changed to a new vial and today I feel better.

Normally doctors say no need to keep in the fridge since it can manage in room temperature. But in summer, we can't keep it outside.

How do we know insulin is damaged? I found bubbles in the vial, so does it mean that it's not usable?

I think it's important to discuss. Please guide me.............

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Keep your insulin away from heat and light. ...

Never let your insulin freeze. ...

Keep unused bottles, cartridges, and pens of insulin in the refrigerator (between 36°F and 46°F). ...

Keep insulin cartridges and pens that you're currently using at room temperature (between 56°F and 80°F.)

2.Regarding other questionTtere are two ways to tell when insulin is no longer good: poor performance and unusual appearance.

If your blood sugar stays high even though you're following your treatment plan, your insulin may have lost its effectiveness. Poor performance could be due to two things:

•Your insulin bottle has been open for more than 28 days.

•You have a lot of punctures in the rubber stopper because you take very small doses of insulin and you're getting close to the end of the bottle.

If your insulin has an unusual appearance, it's probably no longer effective. Here are some warning signs:

•Your insulin is cloudy when it is supposed to be clear.

•Your insulin is supposed to be cloudy but it has clumps, even after rolling it between your palms.

•Your insulin looks stringy.

•Your insulin has changed in color.

If you think your insulin has gone bad, don't take any chances: throw the bottle away immediately and open a new one.


General Rules

To ensure that your insulin remains effective, stable and undamaged you should discard your ‘in use’ insulin after 28days, whether in a vial or cartridge.

Insulin that is not in use should be stored in the refrigerator. If refrigeration is not possible, it can be kept at room temperature [15-25 degrees C] for 28 days.

The in use vial may be kept at room temperature [15-25 degrees C] for 28 days.

In use cartridges should be kept at room temperature and SHOULD NOT be kept in the refrigerator.

Insulin has a ‘use by’ date as well as an expiry date.





In summer i keep my insulin in fridge and winter i keep it on room temp. I m type 1 person. My one insulin vial will go up to 6 months. It works perfectly as per expected.

If you are changing food item or exercise, then you have to adjust the insulin dose.

My insulin has been never damaged. If you are seeing some different color then it could have ineffective or expired.


Did you look into getting yourself a Frio carrying case for insulin on the go? I bought one a few years ago and I still use it.


thanks for everyone to giving valuable information.....


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