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my experience

the best way to control diabetes is through drinking 3 glass full of water 300ml each 1) soaked overnight with rudhraksh in copper glass 2) 1 glass of fresh amla juice 3) 10 leaves of bilva and tulsi on empty stomach and along with prescribed medication from diabetologist which i did for last 4 months and 1hr of brisk walk during early morning between 5.45 to 6.45 am . My 3months average sugar level is 5.3 before it was 8 and when I was diagnosed it was 456 on jan 2011. My medication on alopathy has reduced from 9 medications to 2. Note monitor ur sugar every 3 days to be sure of sugar levels are between 95 and 135 max

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hi doc versha, i am been diabetic from five years.On insulin 3 times 14,14,12 and night 14 units.I am 42 years,i eat light diet w/o oil and take contol and precautions.Sugar level pp remains between 160 to 200 normally,and fasting 100 to 130.I am being overweight as compared to last three years.Doc says it is due to insulin dose.I walk brisk half hr. daily.I feel my stomache full at every time even before meal,no constipation.not feeling thirsty and hungry.LFTis ok.pls.advice.


Since u r taking ur medicines. ur OK. Rest of the things are ur belief. Those items are not harmful and may have some good effect on the body. Diabetis doughtful


What is KARDWA And KASALA where its available



Great and thorough explanation.But difficulty is that those who live in the city it is very difficult to identify these herbs .Manjista I know very well, we used to play with it when we were children

but where it is available difficult to trace. However Neem and Bitter Melon are available. The sense of six tastes are great to know.I have also come across some persons getting permanently cured by "Baramasi" " Sadabahar" flowers. They say by eating 9 leaves daily in empty stomach for around one month their diabetics have been cured. Will it repair the beta cells of pancreas?

Doctor Sahib would you throw some more light in this subject

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Are You A IDMM Insulin Dependant If it works for IDMM it will be great


kardwa and kasala

Give at least photograph of original tree.


I am in Northern belt and I never heard these names


Please name the other popular names of Kardwa and kasala plants or give the pitcture of these plants. So that we can use them as medicine.for Diabetes.


interesting. Need one to follow all of these together? What were the Allopathic medicine you were using before and now ?


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