PAIN and other feelings

Any one will happen, Bursting Headache,pain in calf or pain in whole leg or pain in all four limbs making full body energyless resembling some times paralysis stricken.

Sudden feeling very hot with perspiration on head and other places and immediately after feeling severe cold requiring quilt.

Blood sugar:fasting 152,Random 162, PP 168

Cholestrol 212,HDL 36, LDL 151, VLDL 30, Triglycerides 150

Risk to HDL ratio 6.03

Age 53


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5 Replies

  • Brisk walking & sweating exercises according to ur ability.No sugar in ur diet.Consult ageneral physician or a diabetologist !!

  • Have you checked for thyroid profile? Get it checked now and report in these columns with the same question.

  • T4,Total 7.90 ug/dl


  • you have thyroid problem that causes the problems. Get a good doctor and report the results for T3, T4 and TSH. He will prescribe you the medicines.

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