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Pain and Burning under feet

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I am feeling burning and pain under my feet ,next to fingers. what it could be? and what is the treatment.

6 Replies
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Hi karan79 ,

Have you talked with your doctor about the burning and pain dealing with your feet? Have you called for an appointment? When was your last appointment? What has your blood sugars been in the last few days/weeks?

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karan79 in reply to Activity2004

No I didn't talk with my doctor yet. Suger is always around 200. I have cirrhosis due to hep c but liver is good and working well. I thought may be due to liver

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to karan79

Please call your doctor to schedule an appointment and let them know what you have said in your posting/comment. Please also let us know what you find out.

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How have you been? a post after a long time.

As others mentioned you need to discuss your problem with you doctor, please do not delay.

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This is mainly pheripheral neropathy. I had taken taking nerve caps from past 10 years. It reduces Partially burning session .

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I have a similar problem and I cannot sleep without applying a cream on my feet. I use DIAFOOT cream available in medical shops, There are other brands also also you can choose.

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