Diabetes: A metabolic disorder-

Diabetes: A metabolic disorder-

Diabetes is third major killer of the human race- a disease of the modern world. It is connected with modern living-less physical exercise, eating junk food etc.It can be linked with abnormal form of living. Diabetes becomes most dangerous if remain ignored, undetected, and untreated. With proper care and attention, treatment by a good Diabetologist, food control, exerccise and periodic blood tests, one can survive 20-30 years more after it is detected. Be careful about side effects, such as electrolyte imbalance,hemoglbin levels, lipid profile etc.So be alert,be careful and enjoy your life.If you have Diabetes, don't think it is the end of the road.Fight it out courageously


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  • yes, this instruction is most valuable for diabetic patient, a diabetic patient has to live their live like a sage not as a giant.....

  • Everybody is not destined to live like a Giant. A life lived in peace and harmony, conscious and thoughtful, careful about one's health conditions is also worth living.

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