Diabetic or not

Usually in morning before food, my sugar is below 100, sometimes 70s. After lunch, after 1 hour 149, after 2 and half hour 114 by accucheck.

Can I be termed as Diabetic patient please.

Today BS reading after two hours of lunch 128 by accucheck. 2nd Oct, 2017. I am without medicine. Can't upload photo.

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  • Have you ever been diagnosed with diabetes from a doctor?

  • Last year 2016 November or December, I was diagnosed a diabetic but I'm abit reluctant to the test result given by those lab. One lab, I was diabetes, second lab, I was pre diabetic, and third lab, I was free of diabetic. I was in deep stress during those months. The labs which I tested my sugar was within one month only but it gave different results all the times. That's the reason why I bought accucheck to monitor it. First doctor want me to take meds which I took for 3 days, second doctor want me to be on diet and exercise but after third test I'm free of diabetic. Until now my result is like this.

    Can I be termed as diabetic or near to diabetic or I'm normal.

    What may be normal reading for normal people after food, after 2 hours and 3 or 4 hours.

  • That's too confusing from three different labs and diagnosis. Can you find any doctor who is more reliable in your hometown? You really needs to know your stand so that you know how to deal with it and besides this is your health.

    Normal blood sugar for non-diabetic, two hours after meal should be less than 140 mg/dl.

  • By using accucheck l, after two hours I'm usually below 140 or a little high above 140 but not crossing 200.

    That's right it makes me wonder, I'm I really diabetic but it can be seen from fluctuate or different result from different doctor and different labs I got different results. It's really confusing. :(

  • FixthatD,

    I will send you a private message soon. I will let you know when to look for it. It's okay.

  • FixthatD,

    I just sent the private message now. Please check.

  • It wil depend on what is consumed.

    I would assume you are not diabetic. If you drop carb and sweets and then measure see what you get. Also fasting sugar

  • U r prediabetic

  • I have learnt from one Dr that pre 1978 only 227 pp sugar was indication of diabetes. Now its different. Why???

  • After 2 hours, after whatever people eat, normal people return back to the level below 100 or not.

    While I was diagnosed, I was stress out, drink whiskey alot and the hangover was usually managed with tango sugary drinks which I usually finished in a prepared big Pepsi plastic bottle.

    Normal people blood sugar too spike in a particular day above non diabetic range or not pls?

  • For non-diabetic, they may have blood sugar spikes after eating but their insulin function will keep blood sugar in a normal range.

    Stress is one of the reasons for increased blood sugar. I suggest you to find out what condition you're having and keep your BSL under control either with the right diet, moderate & regular exercise or medication.

    BTW, have you done any HbA1c?

  • Hba1c now is normal. I'm 36, 5"8 height, weight around 80.

    I mean, normal people after eating full stomach they return back to below 100 or 140. After two hours of eating full stomach, I can't return back to below 100. However, morning is always below 100. Give suggestion pl

  • When was your latest A1 c? What % ?

    Don't think too much of your BSL. Our blood sugar is always fluctuated. Ensure to keep level not over 140 two hours after meals because beyond this can cause some damages to your nerves and blood vessels. The clearance of blood sugar is different in each person depending on many reasons e.g. metabolism rate, diet, medications, physical activities or perhaps some hormones. For more info of your enquiry, please do some research. Remember to be more relax.

  • Do you think I need medicine at this point. Anyway, I'll go to better lab this month for full check up, it will display my level. I hope so. Thanks for your kind reply

  • Reduce intake by 25 per cent of present and see after a week.

  • One more question pls, What if I were diabetes, at what range diabetic complications started. Simply morning 100 and after eating 140 after two hours is confusing because one may spike so high and come to normal level within two hours. If those spike are continuous for a long time, will it make complication.

    One of my close friend recently done kidney transplant but he has no diabetes only, it seems, high blood pressure made it. I too have high blood pressure more than 20 years but my body is alright till now... Does that mean I'm lucky enough and the other person is unlucky pl

  • Hope someone could answer this question for you. I really don't know but my common sense tells me that prolonged high blood sugar than the healthy range will lead to all sorts of complications. It's advisable to control BSL close to the levels of non-diabetic if possible.

  • Prolong blood sugar will cover 5 years or below 5. I'm sorry if I'm asking too much.

    How many years, in Everage, a diabetic complications started?

    During my stressful month, ie, Nov-Dec, 2016, from nowhere, blood was woozing from my face. It's more likely, due to heavy drinking and stressful life. Or might it be because of blood pressure or diabetes. But now, as I left those life, no such things happen again

  • You really need to see a good doctor or Endocrinologist so that you will be properly diagnosed. Maintain healthy lifestyle as well as keeping your levels of BSL & BP in good range. Good luck.

  • Thank you very much, I'll do it soon within this month.

  • No worries :)

  • Sir,


    PLZ ,,,,,,,,tel us.

  • It was normal in the last test but the first two lab showed in one diabetic range and second prediabetic

  • FixthatD JEE!

    PLZ .....PLZ

    TEL ME.....TEL ME all



  • Today my reading using accucheck is 128 after exactly two hours. I ate rice, Chicken, gabage and other veggies.

    Earlier I was on diabetic range. I keep my records at office so I cannot put it right now as today is a holiday in india

  • Why is a holiday today in india

  • Mahatma Gandhis birthday

  • Happy Birthday Mahatma Gandhi!

    How do people celebrate his BD in India?

  • It's a national holiday. Other than that I don't know much :)

  • Oook!

    BUT plz,


  • Last hb1c was normal. Let you know tomorrow

  • I have my first diagnosed result at home but photo uploading is not working here. So no chance

  • Hello, as of now your blood sugar levels seem to be in normal limits. Why don't you get all your tests done eg kidney function test, liver function test, lipid profile, routine urine investigation... stress adds to the already existing problem, plus it may send your blood sugar spiralling high up... so just get the lab investigation done, consult a doctor, give up alcohol and destress. All the very best..! Whether or not you're diabetic, blood sugar in normal range will minimise the chances of damage if any at all...

  • As of now LFT, Thyroid, heart etc is normal. Just sugar level differ in different labs

  • Dear

    In my opinion u r prediabetic

    U need to change your lifestyle join gym after dinner go for cycling

    Change the way u eat

    It will help u a lot

    Remember To check

    Vitamin b12 vitaminD lipid profile

    Albumin creatine ratio once in a six month

    Best of luck


  • Normal people do have blood sugar spike sometimes or not or they are normal all the time even during stressful months?

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