Cassia auriculata for diabetes

Cassia auriculata for diabetes

I had been diabetic since I was 38. I have been using allopathic medicines to control diabetes. Last year I happened to hear about a plant called Cassia auriculata and its ability to control and prevent diabetes. I got the powder of cassia auriculata flower and leaf from one of my friends in south India. I mixed the powder with normal tea and used it as alternative for the normal tea I use daily. I used it twice a day. After a month I checked my sugar level and I saw a significant decrease in my blood sugar level (not so dramatic). But the main use is it's very refreshing and as a diabetic I always had that knee pain which completely gone off. I used it continuously and gradually my blood sugar levels have come down. Now I've completely stopped medicines. Of course I have a strict diet plan.

Here is the research document that I have found out online in one of the reputed journals. So I'm sure that it doesn't have any negative effects. So if you can get this powder, try to use it. It's a bit costly. But recently I heard that some company sells the same as tea powder in the name Diatea. (Edit: I have found the site that sells avaram poo tea. It is Considering the amount that I spend for getting raw powder, I see that Diatea is a better option). Will buy next month and let you know the results.I'll try them out next month (till that I have my powder stock) and will let you know the results. I have attached the image of that flower. If you see it around your neighborhood, use it.

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  • I am not sure, from the look of the flowers it appears that the same is "AVARAM" flower in tamil and KANI KONNAI in Malayalam. In Tamil Nadu certain doctors in SIDDA recommend this for Diabetes.

  • Yes. This is the Avaram flower. I have mentioned its botanical name.

  • It is Avarampoo (Cassia Aurriculata) and there is a recent article on its effects on type -2 diabetes

  • From where can I get powder of cassia auriculata. Is it available in Ayurvedic Medicine shop? is it having any other commercial name?

  • I usually get it raw from one of my friends in south India. I'm not sure whether it's available in any ayurvedic shop as the availability of this particular plant is very limited to certain regions. As I have told in the above post, I heard that a company manufactures the same tea in the brand name "diatea" and sell online as well. You can try searching for that brand name in google. I'm not sure about their website.

  • Are you in south Indian states, particularly Tamil Nadu state?

  • I have found the site that I have mentioned in the post. It is They sell avaram poo tea. Considering the amount that I spend for getting raw powder, I see that Diatea is a better option. Will buy next month and let you know the results.

  • If you can, get your fasting insulin test done and let us know the numbers.

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