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Accucheck readings


Readings on Accucheck meter

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I am in UK, I placed an order towards the end of December, I am told the unit will be shipped soon.

I have asked questions on the accuracy of the readings, so far no response.

I have also aske for my order to be canalled because of corona planes are not flying between India and UK!!

Total cost 80 pounds with 25 pounds for postage.

I am waiting for email from the company.

Take care.

I am trying to cancel my order for two reasons, first item has not been shipped, over a month and second one I get it with difficulties due to corona and I may face difficulty to return it with in 30 days to get my money back if I am not happy with not very accurate reading.

There is a manufacturer in Israel but waiting for a reply.

surtal in reply to sandybrown

I too had to call them numerous time before they sent the meter to me. While talking to them over phone I came to know they have got more orders than their manufacturing capacity. You can call them on WhatsApp on +91 95991 70214 & discuss the issue.

sandybrown in reply to surtal

Thank you. Calling them from UK via mobile was expensive. I will try a whatsapp call.

Thank you, take care.

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