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After one hour of Dinner my sugar reading showed 212. This means that i am diabetic?

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In dinner I had Rice and rotis. After one of dinner, my sugar level is 212. Shall i take english medicine or go for allopathy? which is good?

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after 2 houres it should be less than 140 mg dl

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Hi rajeshsingh15,

Don't guess and don't expect suggestions at this moment; go to a diagnostic center (even you need not to consult a doctor at this point, if your idea is not to ) and take blood tests for FBS (fasting blood sugar), PLBS (post lunch blood sugar) and HbA1C tests. These tests will confirm whether you are diabetic are not.


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HbA1C is one of the best test to diagnose diabetes.

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Rajesh, this is not even Pre-diabetes (PP upto 200) but established diabetes (above 200). Please share your age, height and weight . Does / did either of your parents have diabetes ?

Brisk walk everyday for 30-40 mts and regular Pranayama plus some Ayurvedic cure should be a safer bet, but whatever treatment you choose, please do not ignore this matter and do something about it.

Hans Dholakia

Life Coach & Online Yoga Consultant

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Dear Rajeshji

You do not worry about your diabetic level because it is temporary phase.Now follow the practice prescribed below and you will be alright in due course of time.

1.Be placed yourself facing East always with the a good Asnana.

2.Always prey the meals produced by God,Given by God, Prepared by God and made to serve you through the one who is in front of you as a messenger of God for a while.

3.Sip a normal water before you are served to eat anything

4.No rejection or choice of food after served to you.

5.Now take half the quantity of your mouth capacity with all five fingers and put it into mouth and close your mouth to grind.

6.By closing mouth grind the subjective food very nicely by teeth as a juice along with the the saliva and send it to stomach then take the next bite and do the same practice regularly to complete your food.

6.Do not drink water during your chewing and after the completion of the food minimum one Hr.

7.Always plan not to eat any type of food during 8A.M to 11.15A.M. to receive the energy from the Universal magnetism.

You will observe a fantastic change in your digestive system and energy distribution system after 30 days of time.

Practice the said above regularly till last and live happily with out medication for any decease.

Revert back your experience and share your problems in the future.

Warm regards.

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You can be diabetic. Please repeat sugar after 2 hours of Lunch/Dinner and Fasting blood sugar. With this you get HbA1C test also. Than you conclude you have diabetes or No

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You should consult a diabetecian at the earliest.

it is very high, you have to do hb1ac test to confirm whelther it is diabetes or not.

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Suggestion put forward by Mr Swami is correct. I only want to add that PLBS should be done taking the food you take normally at present.

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allopathy is better intially

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