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Hi everyone.. does anyone have any idea whether donating blood reduces HBA1C levels for diabetics??


My hba1c level is 6.8 and I am maintaining it for last 2 years since I was diagnosed. No medicines prescribed yet. but I would like to start donating blood ..Just wanted to know whether this will affect my HBA1C results?

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How many litres of blood do you have in your body and how many ml can you donate in your area? Then work out the % of blood left in your body, calculate the % reduction in HbA1c.

May be go to a blood donation centre and have a blood check and you may find the answer.


It may not make any difference. Talk to your doctor before deciding.

No. Diabetics are avised not to donate blood

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that may not be a correct statement rstyagi. If you use insulin or on medication[doctors can advice], you should not donate blood. If you do not take any medicines for T2D, you should be able to donate blood.

Research published in 2012 demonstrated that in patients with metabolic syndrome, repeated blood donation is effective in reducing blood pressure, blood glucose, HbA1c, low-density lipoprotein/high-density lipoprotein ratio, and heart rate.Links:


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