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HbA1c Test for Diabetes is better than last 3 months


Hello Friends My blood test report is better than previous reports

previous was 10 now 7.5

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Are you still drinking corona?

kapilbho in reply to sandybrown

Brother i take Budwiser Beer , But i take Vegetables too with Beer and Roasted Chicken


It will be very useful if you shared what you did to bring down the HbA1c.

kapilbho in reply to ramana42

Avoid Fried items and Rice and take this too

amazon.in/Mohammedia-Produc... and Alopathy Medicine also

Check your liver enzymes (ALT & AST) as you are taking oil-rich foods.

Here are some other ways that alcohol can affect diabetes:--

* While moderate amounts of alcohol can cause blood sugar to rise, excess alcohol can actually decrease your blood sugar level -- sometimes causing it to

drop into dangerous levels.

* Beer and sweet wine contain carbohydrates and may raise blood sugar.

* Alcohol stimulates your appetite, which can cause you to overeat and may affect your blood sugar control.

* Alcohol can interfere with the positive effects of oral diabetes medicines or insulin.

* Alcohol may increase triglyceride levels.

* Alcohol may increase blood pressure.

* Alcohol can cause flushing, nausea, increased heart rate, and slurred speech.

no i am avoiding wine and Alochal

Only Lite Beer i take Budwiser

if you read Budwier has very less alochal and no Sugar

But i eat more Fruits and Vegetable and Sprouts and Roasted chicken while take Beer .

sandybrown in reply to kapilbho

Is it bud zero or bud light?

kapilbho in reply to sandybrown

Budwiser Light Beer

Bud light still has 4.2% alc, 6.6g carbohydrate per 12 floz.

7.5% HbA1c is still full-blown diabetes. When it is below 5.8% without medication you will have reduced carbohydrate sufficiently.

God bless you.

what is your daily diet in breakfast lunch and dinner.

kapilbho in reply to karan79

Breakfast : Boiled Egg some time or Scrambled egg and Sometime take Paratha with very less butter and Vegetables

Lunch : Only Take Sprouts and Curd , Fruits .

Dinner : Only two chapati with Dal ( Pulses ) but some time take Roasted Chicken and Home made Vegetables

Also take this


( In Lunch i take this )

For milk powder take this


I also take

G.H. PHOS Homeopathy Medicine ( Suger Free Tonic )


and Diabonol Homeopathy ( Earlier Morning i take this )

Plus Recommended Alopathy Medicine ( Doctor Recommended ) Only in Breakfast and Dinner .

karan79 in reply to kapilbho

do you make parantha and chappti with wheat flour.

kapilbho in reply to karan79



I have a couple of suggestions for you :

(1) Zero alcohol intake ...

(2) I see you are taking a supplement Ensure from Abbott....

Abbott may be a MNC company...

But , have you checked the ingredients???????....

I find it contains artificial ( synthetic flavours ) and Artificial sweeteners.... and artificial preservatives ..

This will create more problems than solutions for diabete..

(3) No homeopathic medicines are scientifically proven for diabetes ... same thing true for any ayurvedic or unani medicines ...

If you want to see what is effective....you can do your own trial by Glucometer at home and find out which is actually helping you. .. . If you stop your allopathy medicine, your blood sugar will go up ..

Where as if you stop your other medicines by continuing only allopathy, your blood sugar may not go up....

(3) The most effective is Healthy diet and physical exercise post meal and allopathy medicine if required...

A Diabete should not close his eyes and take anything and everything advertised..

Don't waste money.......

Use that money for buying more healthy wholesome food...... Almonds, Walnuts, Chia seeds, Pumpkin seeds , low GI Fruits, varieties of coloured vegetables, Green salads, sproutd, Whole oats with bran , wheat bran mix , Lentils.....

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy !

kapilbho in reply to namaha

Actually i have diabetes for the last 10 years . Last reports was not so good but now better and i changed my diet plan too . no fried food product and very very less rice take if i want . and take more sprouts afternoon .

namahaAdministrator in reply to kapilbho

It is good that you have improved...but you still have a lot of scope for improvement..

Stay safe, stay healthy

kapilbho in reply to namaha

thanks Admin yes i want to improved

kapilbho in reply to namaha

it is very good medicine too


namahaAdministrator in reply to kapilbho

If this is a cure, why only 11 people have used and given reviews in Amazon ???

India with 77 million diabetes (1 million means 10 lakh and I lakh means 1,00,000) would have taken kalonji powder and would have cured diabetes...🙂

Anyway, this is only a kitchen item "black cummins seeds" mixed with few more items ...Not sure if they are harmful... If you are getting a benefit, please do continue even if is pshycholigical...

Activity2004Administrator in reply to kapilbho

Did your doctor say it was okay to take the powder and have beer here and there? If the doctor hasn't been notified of the changes you had/have made, please let them know to be on the safe side. We don't want anyone getting sick or worse. The side effect of drinking any type of alcoholic drink is that the blood sugars can mimic lows/highs and confuse the person into thinking something isn't right.

kapilbho in reply to namaha

But thanks for your Suggestion

We talk about carb and sugar in food and drinks.

Below is an example of carb and sugar in Beer.

Heineken: 11.4 grams of carbs, 0 grams of sugar

Budweiser: 10.6 grams of carbs, 0 grams of sugar

Bud Light: 4.6 grams of carbs, 0 grams of sugar

Given low carb and zero sugar, my question is what is the problem with beer?


namahaAdministrator in reply to sandybrown

Beer is not a carbohydrate. Alcohol is also not a carbohydrate.

Beer has two components in it namely Alcohol and Carbohydrate..and both are metabolised differently in different metabolic pathways in the body.

While carbohydrate content in beer may be low, but it is the Alcohol which is not advised for diabetes due to the following reasons.

(1) Alcohol influences glucose metabolism in several ways. Alcohol inhibits both Gluconeogenesis and Glycogenolysis. At times it can cause a hypo..

(2) If you are under the influence of the alcohol, your brain may not get a signal, if you undergo a hypo......so the consequences....

(3) Alcohol when goes in side the stomach and duodenum, it causes irritation in stomach and intestine lining causing reflux/ acidity which may lead to Stomach and peptic ulcer in the long run ...

Have you not realised , when you use after shave lotion , how you feel burning sensation! After shave contains alcohol.. only thing is that you don't feel the same sensation when it goes to your stomach

It is your call...🙂

sandybrown in reply to namaha

Thank you for your response.

I have done research on beer and type 2 over the last 8 years and I do take beer.

"“Population studies show a J-shaped relationship between beer intake and risk of type 2 diabetes. Compared to those who do not consume alcoholic beverages, consumption of up to 24 g of alcohol per day decreases the risk of type 2 diabetes by up to 30%."

Every thing in moderation! Enjoying one life.

Below link give better explanation

I did go for a Diabetes management course given by NHS, UK. There was book given at the course, X - PERT HEALTH. This book gave examples of alcoholic drinks!!


Please note that I am not saying beer is good for every one.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to namaha

Also, some people who have problems with wheat/barley, etc., it can cause digestive issues.


Dear Sandy

please be aware that there are different cartels working :

(1) Beef and meat associations would say that if one eats 100% beef and meat, it can cure diabetes.

(2) Poultry association would say chicken and egg are the healthiest food on the earth.. Zero carbs so can cure diabetes

(3) Oil seed association would promote vegetable oils for good health

(4) Then there is Almond association, Pea nut growers , Dairy products association , vegetables and fruits growers association , similarly Beer association, wine / alcohol association...and the list is endless...

(5) Unfortunately , most govt authorities get influenced and accordingly the instructions are issued...Studies are designed and graphical results are often plotted which suits to different intersted parties.

People get often confused and adopt to various practices.. the fact remains is that none of the practices seem to have reversed increasing trend in type 2 diabetes ...or cured the disorder.. the fact is diabetes as a disease is as old as Mankind ...... and currently we have 422 million diabetes in the world ...increasing steadily...

The most important thing is all of us should (1) know and understand the basic science of food ,nutrition and food metabolism (2) Then also see how your body responds to a particular practice .. your body's response would not tell you a lie ...your blood lab report can not lie ...

Then take your decision ...

Now coming to your alcohol, even your article says that people taking diabetic medicines should not take it as it can lead to hypo... Which is more dangerous than hyper... More diabetes die out of hypo ..one may not survive a hypo to see the alcohol's long term benefits if at all there is some....

Now let us understand the basic science if you take alcohol.... you need to have two enzymes in your body called alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) and aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH). These enzymes help break apart the alcohol molecule. First, (1) ADH metabolizes alcohol to acetaldehyde, a highly toxic substance and known carcinogen (2). Then, in a second step, acetaldehyde is further metabolized down to another, less active byproduct called acetate (3), which then is broken down into water and carbon dioxide for easy elimination.

Now what would happen when many people lacking any one of these enzymes due to genetic factors ...... For exampke if one lacks ALDH, your body can not convert Aldehyde in to acetate...so your body will have the toxic substance called aldehyde...similarly if one lacks the enzyme ADH, alcohol can not be processed in to the second step.....

This is only one example . There are many more metabolism issues with alcohol, if you read the articles below ....

Diabetes is a Genetic disorder, altered Genes. Research is not very clear as what all natural enzymes are distorted in our body..

In fact modern diabetic medicines are aimed at correcting Genes / enzymes e.g. DPP 4 inhibitors, GLP1 agonist, SGLT2 inhibitors and so on....

The conclusion is with so many complications we already have, I would not like to add further complications....

I am just giving link for your study and understanding on alcohol ...




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