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Covid19 Vaccine - AstraGeneca is on Track to roll out Covid19 vaccine by September, 2020

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While so many Pharma Multinationals are working on the vaccine , one British Company called AstraGeneca with its presence all over the World is very confident of a successful vaccine by sept 2020 which is not very far away- now that we are in June ...

Human trials already on and the interim results are satisfactory and the company says they are going ahead to manufacture 2 billion doses by Sept 2020..

Going by the Credentials of the Pharma company and its reputation all over the world, it makes us to believe so..

In the mean time take care !πŸ™

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You are doing a wonderful job of keeping the forum well informed about the latest developments regarding the unwelcome guest, Covid 19.Kudos!

Thank you for the information. I will wait for a call from my GP practice to offer the injection, just like annual flu injections!!!!!!!

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Perhaps you guys will get it in top priority as the vaccine is going to be manufactured near your place ....


Excellent news namaha so thank you for this 🌈😊

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