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Covid19 Good news: Roche develops alternate tests which would give result within a day with its existing diagnostic machines in the world.

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Covid19 update: Good news :

Roche USA has developed an alternate test which can test and confirm whether you are positive or negative within a day...

Currently , it takes 3-5 days...

And it can be done with existing Roche diagnostic machines available through out the world. The machine can handle 4000 samples per day ...10 times faster than existing process

It has already got USA FDA approval yesterday and the program can be implemented from today all across the world ..

This will be great help to people and reduce pressure on health care system...

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Thank you for your update.

how can a mathematical model work is a virus situation. Let people die first before control in UK?

There is no report of any virus in refugee comps?

Are the place of worship going to close soon.

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Some places near where I live closed and has gone to the idea of using on-line streaming for services and other activities. Where I work, we have shut down since yesterday afternoon until further notice, so there's no lunch programs for the Seniors unless they can figure a way to get the meals to them, no get together activities or classes and no transportation for Seniors since all facilities are closed.:-(


Hey thanks namaha this is a great step in the right direction. πŸ‘

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