Monthly Meeting for March 2017

I've decided to try and do a poll for when we can have our group's Monthly Meeting. I will have the dates on the poll that I think would be the best to pick. Depending on the total of votes for a certain day, that will be the day we will have the meeting. The times will be the same, as usual ( 10 am (USA) 3 pm (UK) 8:30 pm (India)). When I get the date of the meeting, I will post a new posting and we can all use that posting as the meeting/comments so we can talk about a few issues. Please look for the poll for dates on the Poll section! The poll will be titled: "March 2017 Meeting". Hope to see you all there!

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  • Ok with me . Is it online meeting? I have not attended a meeting so far.

  • Yes, on-line-- on HU. What day did you pick for the meeting as your choice? I will type up a new posting closer to the date of the meeting and we will use that positng as where to post the comments during the meeting.

    Each meeting is information for the group to know what's going on, ask questions, give suggestions, etc.. We will have an agenda for everyone to know about soon, too.

  • Have you done the poll for the March meeting?

  • 19 th...

  • Okay. Thanks!

  • OK. I am not aware of this meeting so far. PL inform the date of meeting

  • 19th March

  • You want the 19th?

  • Yes. If it's possible

  • We will be announcing the date soon after next week!😀

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